What determines the amount of coins in the golden shower?

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WindMouseHanpan posted...
lol golden shower

I loled when I saw it.
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How attractive Zeus finds you at the moment, maybe?
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How much the comet had to drink earlier?

I really wish you had worded that differently because my dirty mind likes to be dirty.
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Whats dirty about a golden shower?
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From: CarefreeDude | #015
Whats dirty about a golden shower?

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What determines how many coins you get from a perfect bonus?
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As said, it depends on how much enemies you have defeated, and their strength. If you go to 4-1 Snow Rise, BTW, Shiny Goombas, usually in groups of 5, give tons of coins.
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CarefreeDude posted...
Whats dirty about a golden shower?

It's one untainted by the internet, a pure soul! How remarkable.
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CarefreeDude posted...
Whats dirty about a golden shower?

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