Well I'll be, purist fanboys are truly annoying.

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"Play the game! You're opinion isn't worth s*** until you do!"

*People play the game*

"Why the f*** did you play/buy this game if you weren't going to like it?"


And I actually agree with some of SeaArrKing's post.

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So here's how I see it:

People want change, so they complain about NSMB being unoriginal and too similar to each other.

Nintendo releases a Paper Mario that's different from previous titles and not another carbon copy, and people complain still.

If you ask me, I'd say they have no freaking clue what they want.

Neither do the people who do this

LUlGI posted...
"Play the game! You're opinion isn't worth s*** until you do!"

*People play the game*

"Why the f*** did you play/buy this game if you weren't going to like it?"
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Yeah, you should have.

Actually, now I think I'll stick around. I'll use this as an opportunity to help to condition gamers with unrealistic expectations.

Here we go:

The problem isn't the game. The problem is the overblown expectations you set up for it. This isn't Nintendo's fault. Its your fault for lacking any kind of perspective on your gaming hobby. Gamers that actually grow up realize that companies make games for a wide audience...not just themselves. For a group of people that usually have above average intelligence gamers sure don't have any wisdom or self reflection about their hobby experience.

The people on this board are a perfect example of why "gamers" as a group of people can't get any traction with other groups. Many of you are so wrapped up in the hobby that you can't see that a line exists between what you like and what others like and that fact is ok. Instead, you view what others like as a personal affront to you. Its sad.

If you don't care for the mechanics in PMSS, that's fine. Say so and be done with it. But stop acting like its a "bad" game, just because you don't care for the design choices. It really isn't a bad game. Nintendo just didn't make a game for you personally, and you're butt hurt about the unrealistic expectation.

You be right, but I wouldn't act like the change in mechanics didn't ruin it for some people (especially considering this game came right after SPM which was just as different if not more than this game). No one really wanted this change. No one asked for this system (don't hate it, but I didn't ask for it). No one complained about the core mechanics of PM and TTYD, so why did Ninty get rid of them? There's the problem: Nintendo didn't build the game for us personally, they did the opposite, built a game people didn't hate but didn't exactly want either.

Short and sweet: I know other people besides people like me play these games and I don't expect the game to be built to my exact tastes. No one should. But I also don't enjoy when the game doesn't just ignore it's roots, it ignores what people liked about those roots and gives them something else. I'm welcome to new, but not every single game in the series.

OH, and ignore Seamus, he's trolling big time.
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