I liked this game (massive spoilers)

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Well I just beat the game last night.

I could just write a proper review, but I'm going for a more informal summary of my thoughts type of deal.

I really liked it. Do I think it was better than TTYD? No. Would I say it's better than the other two games? I'd need time to think about it. I like them all.

Now even I'll admit the game has flaws. Kersti never helps outside of the spinner and paperizing. Too many challenges rely on you to hammer everything in sight until you find something or to just suddenly know which sticker you need (both in and out of battle). Though on the positive side, if I get around to playing it again, I can get through it more easily.

Someone told me that 6-1 and 6-3 were disappointing. Okay, I'll concede that 6-1 was kind of a wasted opportunity. We could've at least done some Flutter-dodging-Bullet Bill action. I still enjoyed 6-3, however.

Bowser Jr. seemed severely under-utilized. I mean, he had his place in the story I guess, but he didn't really need to. Kamek was the one doing all the antagonistic stuff, Jr. just showed up to try to beat you up.
-Introduce Kamek in 1-1 and maybe skip his fight in 1-3.
-Remove the second Jr. fight entirely.
-Put a random, yet higher-end minion in charge of the flotilla.
And bam, the story (work with me, here) would be exactly the same despite the fact that Jr. would be gone.

Action commands are also trial and error, but there are a lot fewer varieties, so it's not that bad.

I think that covers most of my general gripes.

This'll probably sound like heresy, but I think being speechless actually works in Bowser's favor this time around. Now, the opening doesn't count since nobody at all spoke in that. But in 6-3, I found that only roaring and ordering minions around made him more menacing and ferocious.

Granted, Bowser's been able to retain that while talking in the past, but I interpreted it that the Royal Sticker corrupted him so badly and so thoroughly, that he couldn't even form words. The other bosses had lesser stickers, and even they could only barely speak. Except Goomba, but maybe it's since he's... a Goomba.

I just really don't think there's a lot he could have said in 6-3 that would have been really meaningful. "ROOAR, SHINY SHINE SHINE! MARIO IT'S TIME TO MEET YOUR END!" Or something like that. He has no excuse for being mute in the final scene though, I'll concede that.

And since I'm running a bit low on the character limit...

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So anyway, I liked all the boss battles, once I got past the "rrg what do I do" stage.

My opinions on the final battle? I liked it. I had the aforementioned confusion stage, but once I got used to his attack patterns, things started clearing up. I had to restart two times due to grievous errors, so that helped me figure him out too.

I was way overstocked, in terms of healing items. Up until the fireball segment, the big 1-Up had me covered pretty well. And then in the final stages, the shiny version made 0 hp only a fantasy. In the final stage, it was kind of gruesome to see Bowser's arms fall off.

For as much as I didn't really care for her, I was actually a little sad to see Kersti go. The jackpot I got had her angry face, which I thought suited her well. And then I stomped Bowser into next Tuesday. Now to free Peach from the tape. Fitting to end the game by removing tape, just as it started.

Seeing everyone at the revived Sticker Fest was neat, and it was nice to know that Mario brought Kersti back to life. I had a feeling she'd end up okay after all, but it was still nice to see. And the parade? Pretty good. Represented more or less everything in the game's general setting. And Mizzter Blizzard came back!

Overall I had fun. Despite being nameless, I still found the Toads to be the source of a lot of my chuckles. I'd say my favorite world is either 3 or 4.

I know "NSMB" is kind of spoken with a negative connotation around here, but I did like at least seeing enemies from those games or enemy depictions from those games, all done in paper form, and would not object to seeing those in future Paper Mario games.

I would like the next game to return to PM64/TTYD-style, but I still enjoyed this romp.

Not sure what else to say...
Well thanks to everyone who helped me out. And to whoever wrote the topmost FAQ/walkthrough.

And with that, stay perky.
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Also, I wish Broozers would have appeared in the Enigmansion. Some of my favorite Mario monsters, and they didn't appear outside of one battle in one room near the end of the game.
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PT_Piranha posted...
Also, I wish Broozers would have appeared in the Enigmansion. Some of my favorite Mario monsters, and they didn't appear outside of one battle in one room near the end of the game.

I agree with this.
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You are not the last Mario fan PT, I have had most games of his since the N64, and I still play.
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You know, I thinkhat Shine Sprites could have easily worked in this game.

Oh, I'm sorry. That had nothing to do with your review. I agree though, it's not the best, but it's really good. Especially the music, it's top notch!
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PT_Piranha posted...
Also, I wish Broozers would have appeared in the Enigmansion. Some of my favorite Mario monsters, and they didn't appear outside of one battle in one room near the end of the game.

yeah, that still baffles me.
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Glad you liked it.

And your view on Bowser is interesting. In all honesty, him not speaking in the final battle made for some unique style choices that were really cool, and his body language was great. I wish they had him speak early on in cutscenes leading up to the final boss, and then maybe he'd go slowly insane until the final boss where he didn't speak. That would have been perfect for me.
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It would have been better if that annoying b**** kersti would've stayed dead she wasn't good for anything anyway and bowser being mute sucks and it doesn't really work because bowser has never been portrayed as evil rampaging monster in Mario rpg, the paper Mario, and the Mario and luigi series he was portrayed as idiotic with a crush on peach and he's better to me that way because he gas a personality in sticker star since he's so bland he has no personality, hes a nsmb equivalent