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3 years ago#1
sticker star? More like gone too far from the original concept, AM I RITE.
where's waldos got nothing on these toads, love getting a new game only to walk around everywhere looking for toads. BAM, smack stuff, it's a toad! Have I got them all? I go to the little room , nope! back I go, now I found them finally. yeah.
this was the most boring way u get the hammer like, HERE'S A HAMMER ENJOY. lame

So far I'm not led to believe this game to be any different from the others, lots of talking and stuff, first level is fun, second level is fun. WHAT'S WITH THE SECRET EXIT THAT'S IMPISSOGLE TO FIND. that level is pointless but why is it so hard to find its STOOPID. also goombas. also giant goomba use scissors but I did it at wrong time and don't do nothing, piece of junk.

wiggler bit goes on forever. SNIFF IT OR WHIFFIT MY ASS. koopa jr is a waste of graphics, BOOMERS are a waste of graphics. giant fish I forgot about that it's like splash!!!!! but I read about the hook before so was easy but it's obvious anyway. I DID WORLD 5 b4 4. like metroid and Pikmin this game is.
bowser jumps down, roar... ok now whomp... ok now fire..ok now chomp...NO STICKERS. no one can do this boss first go it's trial and error. THIS GAME IS TRIAL AND ERROR.

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3 years ago#2
1st learn to spell if you are going to make a review or people wont take you on your word
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3 years ago#3
Ansem_the_evil posted...
1st learn to spell if you are going to make a review or people wont take you on your word

I don't think TC intends this to be an actual review, more like a troll post aimed at people that have complaints about the game. However, it's not a very good attempt.
3 years ago#4
What is this, Newgrounds?
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3 years ago#5
Not to be rude, but I can see why this was posted on the forums and not the review section.

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