I don't get why people who don't like this game...

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That... is oddly perfect.

Yes it is. Creepy thing...

And am I the only one here that thinks MP9 was the best one yet? Sure, it was more luck based, but it totally streamlined everything and breathed some new life in to the series.

I liked 9 better than 4-8 except for the fact that it's luck based like you said, the boards are too predictable as well, and you can't move around the board alone anymore, but it did have some great ideas like the boss battles and mini stars, if for some reason they end making mp10, they should make it like 9
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Oh ha ha. ... Wait, "goat"? What?

I heard people use Goat as a replacement joke word for "the big man upstairs" on the Sticker Star boards.

I believe this was started by Chaosmaster, but he is free to correct me if I'm wrong.

And I don't return the game because I would still be out half my money with nothing to show for it. I'd rather pay for a bad game than pay for nothing.
"it's that game that is so great it makes you want to destroy your Toilet." -Throwback2780
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Because I downloaded it, expecting it to be so great that I would play through it more then once, like I have with every other Paper Mario. You can't return a download. It's k though. I finally deleted it so I could fit Fire Emblem.
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