The Next Paper Mario... Prologe

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Ok, this is part 1/9 of an idea I have for how the next game could be

fyi: name would be, Paper Mario: The Seven Staffs
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The Next Paper Mario...

Ok, this is jsut an idea I have for how the next game could be
fyi: name would be, Paper Mario: The Seven Staffs

Ok, I'm going over the top here, sorry:

Prologue: A New Adventure
mario get letter from peach, goes to castle (opening is exactly like first paper mario) one you see the princess, you get a note from her. the 7 elemental wands were stolen from the castle, and she needs them back for the "mushroomy new year" next week. you leave, invite luigi with you, but he decides to stay. (cut to mush-plane) mario is relaxing, he knows this won't be that hard, it was jsut a simple bandit after all... right?
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you see an orange colored big bandit enemy running into a dark ally
"sweetness! this is the best job I ever did, stealing these golden staffs will make me RICH!"
a voice comes from no where, "I'll be taking those thank you"
orange bandit: "haha! as if! I'm the stronges... est..." (runs off)
strange voice: Aha, the element wands, today... will be a good day... for darkness...
mario gets off in ShroomCity.
(opens note) I have word that the bandit ran off into shroom city, ask the locals if they have any information, time is of the essence! -peach
(closes note)
Mario walks around in the back allyway.
Suddenly, a small 'shroom girl is being attacked
(battle initiates)
Jump - does 1x1 or 1x2 depending on execution
Hammer - does1 or 2 depending on execution
Stratagies - run (not available), defend
Items - mushroom
(fyi, you start with 100 coins, similar to TYD)
Koopa: 4HP 2P 1D - 6XP (when flipped takes 3 turns to get back up)
Goomba: 2HP 1P 0D - 4XP
Tutorial battle, the mushroom girl explains commands, guard, super guard, exc. (if your health gets in the [danger] she auto heals you with a mushroom, every time)
[battle ends]
Girl: thank you for saving me Mario, who knew you would be back here though. Why are you back here anyway?
Mario explains he is looking for a bandit
Girl: Hmm, sounds like you're looking for Mike B.B. cool! I'm looking for him too! Oh, where are my manners, My name is Kris, Kris T. I live with my brother Aar in an apartment near here, I'll show you.
[new partner!] damages are: normal (super) [ultra] for partners fyi
Field ability: info, (works like the info/tattle of past games)
10HP (20HP) [25HP]
In battle…
1 - smack: 1x2 (2x2) [3x2] hit the "A" button when the line is over the enemy (if hit early/late the attack misses)
2 - tattle: {0FP} (speaks for itself)
S 3 - Pan back: {3FP} (2x4) [3x4] (same as smack but harder to time and there is 4 attacks)
U 4 - Your move: {7FP} (same as smack, but now 3 different lines, each representing a different button, and goes over Mario) gives Mario "hyper" statis, he can attack twice per turn instead of once for 1 plus however many "lines" you got turns (from 1-4 turns)
Kris: ok, lets go!
(walk around main hub, there is a shop, a trouble board, and an inn [they now cost 5coins for just HP refill, 10 for HP and FP, and 25 for HP, FP, and SP])
(go into an apartment, elevator cutscene, stop off at her brother's apartment)
Aar: Kris! I'm so glad you're safe! You know how dangerous the streets are when your alone.
Kris: well thankfuly Mario foind me and saved me from some thugs
Aar: and what if Mario wasn't there?
Aar: nevermind, I have a guest, Ah, mario… thank you for saving my scatterbrained sister.
Kris: HEY!
Aar: so do you need something?
Mario explains the note to Aar T.
Aar: ok, I see, someone just knotified me that Mike B. B, or "B.B. gun" as he is known in the criminal world, was last scene headed for "Leafy Woods" to the east of here, you can find the gate to it
In front of the apartment
Kris: OH! Are you going on another adventure Mario? Take me with you!
Kris: (leans towards Mario and wispers) don't worry, once he gets on his computer, he won't notice a thing going around, I'll sneak out then and catch up.
Mario leaves, and heads for the gate, ready for whatever is coming!
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I'll add part 2/9 later today
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Oh for crying out loud, just give us paper Luigi. Its year of Luigi after all!!!!!
lol at -->
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ISDcaptain01 posted...
Oh for crying out loud, just give us paper Luigi. Its year of Luigi after all!!!!!

uh, this is just an idea I have... and I did think to add luigi as a partner in this idea, jsut wait and see
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