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Intelligent systems better work their magic. (Archived)Gaming_Mastery76/22/2010
The Rawk Hawk should be in this game! (Archived)
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Paper mario Thousand year door might just have been about ruined for me (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Things we can speculate from the pictures. (Archived)FFZeldaAddicted106/22/2010
Here's a half assed TTYD character quiz... (Archived)
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The most shocking thing of all the leaked pics was... (Archived)ChesecakeMilita76/22/2010
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door truly is timeless. (Archived)LightningYoshi16/22/2010
999 hp? (Archived)LightningYoshi76/22/2010
Paper Mario is awesome (Archived)MarioLinkGenofa66/22/2010
What if this game had the "3D" flipping element of Super Paper Mario..... (Archived)
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Best Paper Mario boss? (Archived)Samman12356/21/2010
First tailer released (Archived)
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Ugh super paper mario (Archived)Ultima_Buster4456/21/2010
There should be a Paper Luigi spinoff (Archived)MunsterK3V86/21/2010
Is this basically the Paper Mario 3 game that we've all been waiting for? (Archived)Samman12366/21/2010
I love Paper Mario (Archived)
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my god I am a genius (Archived)MunsterK3V76/21/2010
Best Boss Competition! Entrance Round Battle 2! (Archived)
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There'd better be Boos in this game (Archived)Hon_Caterpie26/21/2010
Which basic Mario character are you? (Archived)
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