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Pics! (Archived)itehrul3z96/21/2010
Sigh here if you liked SPM even if it's not like the original (Archived)MarioLinkGenofa46/21/2010
I hope there isent a backtracking level in this game. (spoilers for ttyd) (Archived)Ultima_Buster44106/21/2010
Paper Mario Abilities - Treasure Hunting (Archived)Sol_Lightning36/21/2010
PLEASE don't tell me this is true.. (Archived)
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sigh here if (Archived)MarioLinkGenofa46/21/2010
Do you think any partners from pm1 or pm2 will be playable (Archived)MarioLinkGenofa66/21/2010
Paper Mario Abilities - Water (Archived)Sol_Lightning66/21/2010
So theres a picture with mario in what seems to be a card world... (Archived)MarioLinkGenofa26/21/2010
Mario and Luigi series ending (Archived)
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What's your favorite transformation? (Archived)JediFerrari46/21/2010
I was just thinking, they should make as many new idea partners as possible. (Archived)HiddenDoorway46/21/2010
C/D: Awesome RPG+Portable Gaming=Epic Win! (Archived)FFZeldaAddicted36/21/2010
My Paper Mario drawing (Archived)
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There should be a Shyguy partner (Archived)Gaming_Mastery56/21/2010
Release Date Speculation Thread (Archived)strongo956/21/2010
Could you imagine yourself paperfied? (Archived)Zero_Saber_X106/21/2010
Sign here if... (Archived)
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Maybe Paper mario will get released February 5th here (Archived)muffintopK3V56/21/2010
Oh YES OH YES (Archived)Irish_Spectre56/21/2010
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