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Based on this, Paper Mario may be a launch title. (Archived)XBloodyX_XRoseX36/20/2010
Yesss! (Archived)ImGanondorfLol16/20/2010
I'd like partners "evolve" (for lack of a better word) as they rank up. (Archived)
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I'm really hoping there will be a Wii version (Archived)RemixV486/20/2010
Would this game have wifi? (Archived)VENOM102936/20/2010
So what do you want in this game? (Archived)
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Paper Mario Release Date! (Archived)toonlinkking77746/20/2010
i was just thinking... (Archived)123chatty66/20/2010
*Rocks back and forth* (Archived)Darth Rustito26/20/2010
Some Screen Shots... (Archived)Viiper66/20/2010
Best Boss Competition! Entrance Round Battle 4! (Archived)
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So this is a new game right? Not a remake of the original? (Archived)Yorkster76/20/2010
Best Boss Competition! Entrance Round 5 (Archived)
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Luigi for battle partner! (Archived)tremain07106/20/2010
you know who should come back? (Archived)pikachujedi66/20/2010
500 people that are hoping they include the Pit of 100 Trials (Archived)
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Ka-wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz. (Archived)HoratioCraw56/20/2010
So...does this game spell the end of Mario and Luigi series? :'( (Archived)
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Cut out the story plz... (Archived)Cantido106/20/2010
Paper Mario is a spin off of SMRPG. (Archived)
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