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Terrible news everyone. (Archived)
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There's something about PM1 I liked more than PM2 and can't put my finger on it. (Archived)
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I still need to play Super Paper Mario. (Archived)
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Bowser is the main bad dude? (Archived)StarGuyX56/16/2010
I hope this game is like Super Paper Mario (Archived)videogamer103056/16/2010
I hope those screens are just concept art. (Archived)DeepsPraw36/16/2010
Wario and Waluigi needs to be in this game. (Archived)
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Paper mario: Book of Ages (Archived)EmptyStar1276/16/2010
Toodles should be the starting partner... (Archived)LordBalor416/16/2010
If you could travel with 5 PM assists, who would they be? (Archived)Zero_Saber_X106/16/2010
when will gamefaqs let us post pictures? (Archived)
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Sign here if this is your most anticipated 3DS game (Archived)
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(spoilers) I doubt Mario will be the only playable character (Archived)
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Based on this game alone, I will buy a 3DS when it comes out. (Archived)ur grandpa46/16/2010
I ****ING LOVE paper mario (Archived)AlucardArikado96/16/2010
They should make a Glitzville type battle stadium (Archived)
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The pit of 100 trials MWAHAHAHAHA (Archived)coller2356/16/2010
What are you going to do once pictures and news start coming out? (Archived)papery0shi256/16/2010
I hope Midbus makes an appearance (Archived)itehrul3z36/16/2010