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Quick question: did this game feel like a stealth game for you? (Archived)parabola_master59/19/2013
How are Sticker Star and The Thousand Year Door? (Archived)
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Would you mind if the next Paper Mario had no McGuffins at all (Stars/Hearts)? (Poll)DMZapp89/7/2013 why do people say this game is bad (I'm new to the series btw)? (Archived)
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Loved it!!! (Archived)
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How is the humor in this game? (Archived)
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The wrong way counter on the sign in the Bafflewood. Can it be maxed out? (Archived)PalomBM39/4/2013
So... I recently gave Sticker Star another chance. (Archived)AuraWielder109/1/2013
Is this game worse than Sticker Star? (Archived)Magnemight88/31/2013
Would you rather play this or spm (Archived)
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W 1: I cannot beat the 3 triangel mushrooms (Archived)PhilipCool98/30/2013
sticker star rules, dream team not so much.... (Archived)
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Is this the worst Nintendo published game ever? (Archived)
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Now that dream team is out, we can all forget this game ever existed (Archived)Leon_Powalski_738/22/2013
Dream Team vs Sticker Star (Archived)
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I think I have to look at it a different way to enjoy it (Archived)Johi3658/19/2013
need to find stickers to fight last three boses. (Archived)bradhig48/14/2013
how much hp should i have by final boss (Archived)NovaWingz58/14/2013
so i just beat the squid boss with 300hp (Archived)SMP_hehwat48/12/2013
This game's story is actaully really deep. (Archived)
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