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If the next Paper Mario were to have 6-8 partners . . . (Archived)
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Is this really as bad as people say? (Archived)
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So when do you think Paper Mario 5 on Wii U will be announced? (Poll)greatdimentio510/21/2013
I like this game, but Nintendo should never do anything like this again. (Archived)Mal_Fet1010/20/2013
What do you think PM5 will be like? (Poll)
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So it's OUR fault that this game has no story? (Archived)HighRollerHydra710/17/2013
This game is awful (Archived)Wiiboy4ever510/17/2013
Why SPM will always be my favorite mario RPG. (Archived)
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W5-1 Secret Door Inaccessible (Archived)rigadoog310/15/2013
You know... what disappoints me most about this game is not the battle system (Archived)Emoglobin310/14/2013
Do you get experience points in this ? (Archived)NewportBox100s610/12/2013
About the museum and the non sticker items (Archived)doomie22410/6/2013
A question (Archived)Seb_Ramoray310/4/2013
Main series Mario characters who could have appeared in the game (some spoilers) (Archived)DMZapp310/3/2013
Possible extra battle bonuses PLUS game tweak this game could have done (Archived)DMZapp79/29/2013
All my partner ideas, one post at a time (Archived)
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W2-2, Yoshi's sphinx question (Archived)joshyua29/26/2013
Kamek (Archived)crystallegends329/20/2013
Quick question: did this game feel like a stealth game for you? (Archived)parabola_master59/19/2013
How are Sticker Star and The Thousand Year Door? (Archived)
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