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Does Intelligent Systems know their game is a bust? (Archived)
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Haven't sold a game in a long time (Archived)ViperEO248/2/2013
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Partner Ideas for next game? (Archived)
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This game is the best in the series. (Archived)
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Why the hate on this game? (Archived)
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So I picked up Sticker Star. (Archived)
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Well I personally am loving this game (Archived)
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How nintendo's "safe" movement has killed this game. Good art styling though. (Archived)yams9957/17/2013
this is probably the reason why miyamoto didn't want new characters in this game (Archived)
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I'm kind of surprised at the lack of defenders of this game (Archived)
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After playing Sticker Star I have learned to appreciate Super Paper Mario. (Archived)
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