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5 years ago#21
Can someone please give me a mission list?? I wanna try to find the answers. :P
5 years ago#22
The normal 2 sets of 8 questions:

Heavenly Kings
Defeat the Four Heavenly Kings of the Oda!

Ranmaru's contemporary
Defeat the enemy officer that is the same age as Ranmaru Mori!

A flower's life
Defeat the elder of these two warriors: No or Aya!

Lion cubs
Defeat all of Ujiyasu Hojo's sons!

Sanada genealogy
Defeat the officers of the Sanada Clan in order from the oldest to the youngest!

For whom the bell tools
Infiltrate the temple with the bell which was said to precipitate the Osaka Campaign!

Pride of Mikawa
Defeat the officer who defended Fushimi Castle in the lead-up to the Battle of Sekigahara!

Defeat the owner of the legendary spear Destiny!

Hokuriku warrior
Defeat the Oda Clan officer who was in charge of attacking the Hokuriku region!

Little Demons
Defeat Nobunaga Oda's 3 sons, in order from oldest to youngest!

Dragon or tiger
Defeat the elder of these two warriors: Kenshin Uesugi or Shingen Takeda!

Kai's father
Defeat Kai's father!

Ina's husband
Defeat Ina's husband!

Which side?
Capture the garrison corresponding to the army for which Matabei Goto fought at the Battle of Sekigahara!

Vanguard hero
Defeat the officer who served as the vanguard for the Eastern Army in the Battle of Sekigahara, before he reaches the Mori Army Main Camp!

Defeat the owner of the legendary spear Nihongo!
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5 years ago#23
This is a special question that appears only after the flood receded, get the main character to meet with Motonari, please beware that you only got 2 minutes to clear this one (while you are also clearing the other missions which are time limited) and the answers are spread apart so prepare people (the remaining 2 since you need Mori and your main character to meet) in SE and SW corner.

House of the Mori
Defeat Motonari Mori's sons, in order from oldest to youngest!

If you managed to clear 9 questions (including the above) (I don't know whether there is a time limit but I cleared them all within 10 minutes), you will get the gold question:

A faithful man
Defeat the man who only had one wife!
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5 years ago#24
Answers to questions (update as necessary) and SPOILERS

Heavenly Kings - Katsuie Shibata, Kazumasu Takigawa, Nagahide Niwa, Mitsuhide Akechi
Ranmaru's contemporary - Terumasa Ikeda
A flower's life - Aya
Lion cubs - Ujimasa Hojo, Ujiteru Hojo, Kagetora Uesugi
Sanada genealogy - Yukitaka Sanada, Nobutsuna Sanada, Masateru, Masayuki Sanada, Nobuyuki Sanada
For whom the bell tools - infiltrate the south fortress
Pride of Mikawa - Mototada Torii
Destiny - Hideyasu Yuki

Hokuriku warrior - Katsuie Shibata
Little Demons - Nobutada Oda, Nobukatsu Oda, Nobutaka Oda
Dragon or tiger - Shingen Takeda
Kai's father - Ujinaga Narita
Ina's husband - Nobuyuki Sanada
Which side? - Eastern Garrison
Vanguard hero - Naomasa Ii, Masanori Fukushima
Nihongo - Masanori Fukushima

House of the Mori - Takamoto Mori, Motoharu Kikkawa, Takakage Kobayakawa
A Faithful man - Mitsuhide Akechi
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