Deku stick upgrade is missable

#1komericaPosted 1/15/2012 7:17:20 PM
Hello, I posted earlier asking a question whether or not the deku stick upgrade was missable. After doing some research on the interwebs, people say that there are NO missable items on OoT3D. However, I have found out recently that one of the deku stick upgrades is indeed missable. The upgrade is the one you purchase from the business scrub in the lost woods near the Sheikah stone. Either that or my version is glitched in which I highly doubt. Anyway this post is a step by step guide on how I screwed up and missed by chance in buying the deku stick upgrade. This is for those who are as unfortunate as I am.

Note: this was done before I lifted the master sword.

I beat the first dungeon and talked to Zelda.
I learned Epona's song.
I learned Saria's song.
I beat the second dungeon.
I started the happy mask quest.
After delivering the skull mask to Skull Kid I talked to the business scrub next to the Sheikah Stone and declined his offer to sell me the deku stick upgrade.
I bought several magic beans.
I completed the third dungeon.
I completed the happy mask quest.
Using the mask of truth I obtained the deku nut upgrade in the scrub theater in the lost woods. I returned with the skull mask for the deku stick upgrade.
I then purchased the second deku nut upgrade from a business scrub.
I returned to the area where you can plant the magic bean in the soft soil and planted a magic bean.
I went to the business scrub near the Sheikah Stone that sold the deku stick upgrade but he was gone (same area as prior step).
Just to make sure this was permanent, I lifted the master sword and completed the forest temple. I went back in time to the business scrub that disappeared and he was still gone.

Also note that I did collect heart pieces and golden spider tokens. I also obtained both deku seed upgrades, the 200 rupee wallet, and planted magic beans wherever I could. These I think are irrelevant to the glitch.

I now have to restart my game. Again, I typed this out so none of you have to experience this. I hope this helps!
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interesting, never had this problem before. however I don't see missing a deku stick upgrade as ground or game breaking. I guess for purests, this would be important though. sorry I can't confirm or deny your info
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The adult's wallet is obtained as a reward for destroying 10 golden skultulas.
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I am only a purest when it comes to Zelda games lol. I could just try to finish the game but it would bother me. I started a new game in TP because I missed one of the letters Ooccoo gives to you. :P
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Interesting. I'll try it out sometime this week, and see if it works.
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For the record, how many Deku Sticks can you carry?
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I had 20 before I restarted. I just beat the first dungeon and bought the deku stick upgrade. :)
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Hmm... Seems you're right. Now it just needs to be tested by another. *Sits back and waits.*
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Interesting that the Deku Scrub would just vanish like that. But I have a question. Why would you go to him in the first place and deny buying the upgrade just to come back later and decide to get the upgrade then? I know you were just testing it, but I wonder if it's something the programmers put in there, that once you talk to the Deku Scrub to get the upgrade that no matter what whether you buy them or not, he will disappear. I forgot how many rupees it costs, but I'm sure most people have the money to upgrade whenever they find him. It's not like he's out in the open or anything. He's in a back corner that I'm sure most people would miss unless you're one of those ones, who have to explore every nook and cranny. And with that, you have rupees on you just in case you do find something like that that way you won't miss it.
#10pokemega32Posted 1/16/2012 12:07:59 AM
Are you sure you're checking the right area?

Also check the Deku Stage to be sure it saved when you got that upgrade.
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