I don't know if this was a glitch or a secret...

#1darkstalker0Posted 12/25/2012 4:49:28 PM
I was fighting Dead Hand in the well, and in the center of the back wall there was an invisible force preventing me from touching the wall, I noticed it gave the prompt to "open". At first I thought it was an invisible door. So I opened it and instead it was a treasure chest with a Gold Rupee. The treasure chest disappeared after some time on the screen but I was able to snag two pictures with my phone camera before that happened. Was this just a glitch or is this a new secret? Or am I just out of the loop and its an old secret? haha

#2darkstalker0(Topic Creator)Posted 12/25/2012 4:56:45 PM
oh no wait the chest didn't dissapear, it's still there, so here's a picture with a timestamp as I originally intended to take: http://i.imgur.com/7mA07.jpg
#3noswal1990Posted 12/25/2012 5:42:18 PM
No that a hidden Treasure you can fine them using the Lin of truth.
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I'm gonna go ahead and use my brain next time I try thinking. lol thanks
#5PrettyBoyFloyd_Posted 12/25/2012 6:51:27 PM
I remember walking and getting stuck on a invisible chest and thinking WTF.
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#6Czar_YoshiPosted 12/26/2012 3:14:10 AM
Well, when you get the lens, the text tells you to try it out, and leaves the camera pointing directly at the invisible chest...

There are more invisible chests later, just FYI.