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Guard in Hyrule Castle with pots... likes ghosts? (Archived)IGotMUFFins54/12 11:34AM
Making sense of my first impression, ideas on why? (Archived)Mariotag34/8 5:19PM
Can I play this game without an R button? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
waterdeepchu134/8 12:18PM
Trying to Sell Skull Mask to Skull Kid (Archived)RitnFool54/5 1:55PM
Anyone ever tried playing this game's music on a real instrument, like a piano? (Archived)Shigmiya64104/4 7:24PM
gold skulltulas aaggh (Archived)bradhig34/2 12:28PM
golden fairy? (Archived)username66633/26 7:23PM
Playing Master Quest for the first time... (Archived)sithmaster1523/26 9:49AM
Forest temple glitch?? (Archived)adamisky134523/25 11:04PM
Have Ocarina 3DS Club Nintendo code. Looking to trade... (Archived)pepiux33/24 4:11AM
can't find last heart piece (Archived)bradhig43/22 5:15PM
Dampe you cheater!!! (Archived)bradhig23/22 9:26AM
Strange glitch where I stood on nothing in forest (Archived)avengah13/21 2:32AM
No Club Nintendo? (Archived)BIackWaltz43/18 1:56PM
Great game !!! (Archived)Serious_is_Me33/17 9:29PM
I'm fairly confident my game is bugged (can't find last heart piece) (Archived)Gr8saiyaman8823/17 1:22AM
Saria and Link - Why does Link... (Possible Spoilers) (Archived)Very_Sticky53/16 3:22AM
How can i erase a save file? (Archived)NiMaD8323/15 7:42PM
Did they move Pierre in the Fire Temple? (Archived)Shigmiya6413/14 8:05AM
Lakeside Laboratory diving version difference (Archived)avengah13/13 10:46PM
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