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Okay this is just disgusting.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Seregios115/17 6:26AM
Oh, Canada!!Rayzor_Quill95/10 10:23AM
If I beat Ganon can I still play my file afterIGotMUFFins25/7 2:29PM
Thinking of buying this game.trovauck84/25 11:47PM
How to get the Bow without the Song of Time?LagoonTheCursed34/23 12:50PM
Where's the nearest Like-Like?The_404s44/23 12:49PM
Can you obtain the Biggoron Sword early?IGotMUFFins34/23 9:05AM
What is the shard of agony referring to ?AYuma10024/22 5:56AM
should I buy zelda ocarina of time 3Ds or skyward sword?AYuma10034/22 3:44AM
Want to trade Super Mario 3D Land for Ocarina Of Time.Opinions,Advice anything?Linktarg53254/20 2:59PM
i need some help from somebody getting picsArcRay2034/20 10:45AM
I know this game has Maser Quest, but did the eshop version on the Wii have it?LagoonTheCursed84/19 8:19PM
Does resetting the game lose my boss key?AYuma10034/18 7:19PM
Rescuing the Gorons (necessary?)IGotMUFFins44/18 7:15PM
I just started and I found the Deku Tree's Deku Nuts, now what do I do with themNano Kitsune24/14 4:23AM
You're a true Legend of Zelda fan when...
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
LoZMalonFan1997154/13 6:36PM
Anybody replaying this after beating MM 3D?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Retrostarman87124/13 4:16PM
The Composer Brothers no longer showing upIGotMUFFins34/13 7:45AM
Why is the Water Temple in MQ so much easier?Zero_Maniac24/13 5:01AM
Guard in Hyrule Castle with pots... likes ghosts?IGotMUFFins54/12 10:34AM
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