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This game and NN3DS c-stick (Archived)ultogamer72/17 12:48AM
44$ at gamestop? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
CompMajic352/16 6:07PM
Anything new to this like they did with Majoras Mask or is it the same Ocarina? (Archived)zombiehunting8452/14 2:18AM
If you have a save file that is over 163 hours of play time, (Archived)AdeonWriter32/12 11:24PM
Heart Piece - Death Mountain Crater (Archived)RitnFool32/10 10:13AM
A serious bug. Please help D: (Archived)eminemrox52/10 3:00AM
Maximum Deku Nut Capacity: 20 And No Higher (Archived)EvilTheCat660052/10 2:54AM
what's with that new roll animation (Archived)Garquill22/10 2:49AM
Just beat my 1st Zelda: aLBW, should I play this? (Archived)hellfire00072/10 12:20AM
Missable Sheikah Stone Visions? (Archived)AdeonWriter12/9 7:48AM
Purple gauntlets on normal quest (Archived)Darcdemon12/8 10:46PM
Max collectables before adult in this version? (Archived)Lueshis_Story12/7 10:58PM
Top 10 "yeaaah!" moments in this game? (Archived)DarkLordYianni32/7 4:44AM
revisiting ZOoT on the New 3DS (Archived)akwan_tarot22/4 11:57PM
How the...? [Kakariko Village Heart Piece] (Archived)Aegis_Runestone72/2 6:12PM
why do all of the FAQs suggest getting Saria's song before Goron CIty (Archived)akwan_tarot92/2 5:04PM
which one should i get (Archived)lfarceus32/2 12:00PM
How different are the Master Quest dungeons.. (Archived)Lord_Vader42/1 10:05PM
What would commercials be like for this back in 1998? (Archived)YAMI_ANUBIS_X21/31 9:51AM
Flare Dancer health (Archived)shrimp0531/29 9:28PM
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