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Missed key in Water Temple - can i do anything? (Archived)michalsooon211/2/2013
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If I save during the final battle... it will forever skip the organ scene??? (Archived)AwesomeOSauce410/26/2013
How are you supposed to find/be guided to Saria? (Archived)Betterdayz7610/25/2013
That dang Kokiri sword is so TINY! (Archived)dusty228910/25/2013
Which game to play in this series (Archived)Bid16410/22/2013
Question about Master Quest unlock (Archived)Rygon310/22/2013
Am I the only one who was disappointed by the Ganon fight in this version? (Archived)CakeOfLies810/20/2013
The Legend of Zelda complete timeline history/video by GameTrailers!!!!! (Archived)lp913210/19/2013
So.....what the buck is new in this game? (Archived)
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A couple little things I wished they included, and question about Master Quest (Archived)dusty228410/18/2013
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