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Are the new levels in the original mode too? (Archived)NDSVIP16/25 5:12PM
Game mechanics unresponsive 50/50 of the time (Archived)IGotMUFFins55/4 9:52PM
Randomly Dying in 1-2 (Archived)mrpalmer42014/15 8:44AM
Does this game come with a club Nintendo points code? (Archived)MortimerBrewstr33/31 6:34PM
Just bought it - only got cartridge & black'n'white non-game manual (Archived)IGotMUFFins33/30 11:06AM
What's the replayability like? (Archived)zer_043/3 12:44AM
What are the differences between this and the Wii version? (Archived)TugaChampion72/3 10:19AM
How do I make the pig shut the f*** up (Archived)P4wn4g3211/22 12:38PM
Is new mode for people who suck? (Archived)BignutzisBack39/23/2014
DK 3D code trade (Archived)D3ATHFL0W28/15/2014
Interesting trades considered for... (Archived)HugDaddy18/14/2014
Is there a 101% in DKCR? (Archived)RockinX38/8/2014
So I have to go through and 8 hour car ride, few days alter 8 hours back..... (Archived)BignutzisBack18/8/2014
Looking for a DK3DS code (Archived)Mr Jason28/6/2014
This game is so much better without waggle (Archived)Houle (M)18/6/2014
JUst got this free as an Elite Reward form Club Nintendo (Archived)MusicM4st3r108/1/2014
Trade DKR 3D download code for Game & Wario Code (Archived)SiggitiSeedz17/28/2014
Question about difficulty (Archived)Slayersfan87/22/2014
Does this game look and play better on a 3DS XL? (Archived)Linkxx395/28/2014
How easy is this game? (Archived)
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