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So why is Time Attack Continue on Death? (Archived)Xenesis Xenon110/4/2013
Super guide (Archived)opus29/29/2013
No better place to ask. Was there supposed to be any "themes" in DKC3? (Archived)
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Rocket Levels (Archived)BruceLee00729/4/2013
What is Donkey Kong country returns(3DS) flaws? (Archived)Yelnam-2699/3/2013
This game is so goddamn hard (Archived)SpyDRfreeK38/30/2013
How the f*** do you beat world 7's boss (Archived)SpyDRfreeK28/27/2013
Why the new easy mode? (Archived)tompound9058/27/2013
Music desync. Great port guys. (Archived)HitakaPhoenix88/24/2013
Never playing again (spoilers) (Archived)wisemidds48/24/2013
Extra Lives (Archived)Fennyariel38/23/2013
What are the odds of a patch that fix the fps? (Archived)
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*tries Platforming Panic with 40 lives and 50 coins* (Archived)Natwaf_akidna18/18/2013
wondering if I should get this game... (Archived)yoda232328/11/2013
Why did they make DK's controls so loose? (Archived)DracoZereul77/28/2013
Is it worth over Mario 3D Land? (Archived)IzzyRX67/22/2013
Need help with trying to get the shiny gold medal for World 2-2, Sloppy Sands (Archived)Winterfan317/19/2013
Uh this game isn't short is it? (spoiler) (Archived)BladeDog91137/17/2013
Is this just a port from the wii version? (Archived)ASongforXX37/17/2013
I've 200% this game TWICE on Wii and yet can't beat Thugly mirror mode on 3DS!!! (Archived)doctorwily57/17/2013
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