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The amount of times "Hiiii!" was said by Kirby was far too much and too often. (Poll)DarkKirby250028/18 6:28AM
How many of you have died from Waddle Dees?RyanDaRaikou38/18 6:27AM
Anyone else surprised by the final DeDeDe Tour battle? spoilers obviously)Number4388/17 3:48PM
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If Dedede is kidnapped, why are his minions attacking you?jigglyweigel68/12 5:37PM
In the next classic Kirby game (on WiiU), Adeleine needs to return, that's why:Bigleyistoobig38/12 3:48PM
When do you think the Kirby series started becoming challenging?
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So what exactly counts towards the % completion??
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I have to admit, this is definitely one of the best Kirby games of all time
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Fastest way you got all the keychains?
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Time Attack tips for True Arena?The_Shadow_Link67/30 1:54PM
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Final boss was awesome *spoilers*seafoamlove37/30 11:45AM
Does True Arena only give new keychains?stormeagle657/30 2:32AM
This or SMT IV? (Archived)pey_the_man97/28 8:46PM
I absolutely loved Kirby Superstar. Should I purchase this game? (Archived)TableFlip77/27 11:48PM