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StickyKeychain guide- What they are and where to find them (Sticky)
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How are the sales for thisGiftedACIII19/15 10:02PM
Bosses would be much more intense if their patterns were random (spoilers).Heroinsoup639/15 8:48AM
Nintendo is lucky I'm such a ****ing Kirby fanboyKlRBEH39/15 8:24AM
If Dedede is kidnapped, why are his minions attacking you?
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What are the odds that Kirby Fighter/Drum Dash will be in the smash sale thurs.DarkStorm2019119/14 1:37PM
5-2 Sunstone #2ffgameman29/14 1:24PM
Kirby Fighters and Drum Dash Z are finally out in the West!Natergator109/12 4:49PM
So, who else hopes the next Kirby game...sonicking91739/12 10:42AM
Blocky and Gran Wheelie?Crabhammar19/10 9:30PM
Dark Meta Knight confirmed as a color for Meta Knight in SSB4.HeroicSomaCruz19/10 7:31PM
What is a Kirby game?pigwarts5ever59/10 4:11PM
You know, For the next Kirby (Cannon) instalment, What about an Idea like this? (Poll)Theguysayhi89/10 4:09PM
Finally finished the game the other night..(spoiler)Dragonflame32379/10 3:30AM
The amount of times "Hiiii!" was said by Kirby was far too much and too often. (Poll)DarkKirby250059/5 7:45AM
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Anyone else surprised by the final DeDeDe Tour battle? spoilers obviously)
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When do you think the Kirby series started becoming challenging?
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In the next classic Kirby game (on WiiU), funny cutscenes need to return!Bigleyistoobig18/31 3:01PM
"most annoying boss ever" award goes to...SweetxSerenity38/30 8:51PM
In the next classic Kirby game (on WiiU), Adeleine needs to return, that's why: (Archived)Bigleyistoobig68/25 9:50AM