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Keychain guide- What they are and where to find them (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
So, I got 98% completion of this game, but...ChaosStar290410/2 7:57AM
Been doing some fanart.... (Archived)RubyRaze18/27 7:31PM
what's your favorite copy ability? (Archived)blueblur9878/22 8:44AM
Delete old save files (Archived)GhostMan8748/4 10:04AM
So... King DeDeDe is... [Spoilers!] (Archived)shinyspheal35/30 11:35AM
Boss theme sounds like Metal Mario's theme. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz35/27 11:34PM
Does Kirby kill his enemies? (Archived)IceH85/26 8:22PM
Not sure if I'd like this game...please advise! (Archived)Krambo4235/24 4:46AM
They need to remake Amazing Mirror. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ThatKipp153/27 2:34PM
Return to Dreamland or this game? (Poll)TheMagica43/20 7:58AM
Is there any sort of indication for levels where you have rare keychains in? (Archived)TheMagica33/20 7:35AM
New to kirby series (Archived)Death-devil8833/15 5:38PM
Is King Dedede a villain? (spoilers) (Archived)MLenne83/11 7:15AM
Drum Dash question (Archived)x_darkness_x66622/28 4:01PM
I miss the Water ability from Return to Dream Land. (Archived)KirbyFan2022/19 2:44PM
Streetpass keychains ? (Archived)MineralPlusBox22/2 7:21PM
anyone plot out a fastest warp portal run for dedede tour yet? (Archived)gs_bassxx21/11 5:06PM
... worth getting at $19.99 (new at K-Mart (US))? (Archived)HugDaddy51/2 8:27AM
Compared to the demo, how is the difficulty (or difficulty curve)? (Archived)HugDaddy712/20 2:22PM
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