Linking your PSN account to your Steam ID F.A.Q. (Please Sticky)

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Kyra-Kotsu posted...
I know this has been answered but I just want to make sure before I redeem anything. To play co-op with only one copy you need to use a separate PSN account, correct? You can't have one account playing PS3 and PC together?

Yes, you'll need to use a different PSN account. If you're attempting to give the game to a family member or something you should definitely make them their own PSN account and keep yours to yourself.
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Well, I can't do anything. "PSN Server Down for Maintenance."

What, again? Anybody else getting this?
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I'm having issues trying to connect as well. My internet connection is just fine since I can go online with every other device. But most of the time I'll get 'Playstation Network Timed Out', 'Signed out of Playstation Network, or the 'Error 8002A534.'

What can I do about this? I cannot find mention of that error in the Steam forums.
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I think I screwed something up in the process, lol.

I had the game since launch and didn't actually attempt to do anything with the voucher until now.
I did, however, play online a few weeks ago. I don't remember what I did, but from this sticky, I assume Steam created an account based on my existing PSN info (ie, Username and e-mail address).

Anyway, when I finally tried to do everything Steam-related on my PC, such as installing the program itself, I went and created a new account (because I forgot that Portal 2 PS3 would create one for me), using the exact same username and e-mail address my PS3 game would've created anyway. And yes, the Steam site allowed me to do this.

Now, I can't link them together at all, because the system seems to think they're two separate accounts, despite having the same e-mail address and username. I can even add my PC-created account to my PS3 account's friendslist in Portal 2 on the PS3. My PC account won't let me use the voucher code because that particular account wasn't created on the PS3. I can redeem the code on my PS3.

Yeah, I think I screwed something up here, lol. Suggestions?
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When signing onto Steam it has a button for "first login for PSN account users" or something like that. Did you do that??
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So is the one time use code provided on a piece of paper in the box for the game? I am thinking of buying this used on Gamefly but on Gamefly they say they include any special codes since they are never used by people who rent the game. I want to make sure I'll be able to get the Steam access if I buy it from them. Thanks.
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Steam achievements are earned in lockstep with PSN Trophies: earning a PSN Trophy while logged in to a Steam account will award you the corresponding Steam Achievement once you have linked your PSN and Steam accounts. Achievements earned on a PC do not unlock PSN Trophies.

Damn. Just came here to ask this since I've already played, and gotten most of the achievements on the PC while my friend just got it on the PS3. I was thinking of popping it in under my PSN just to get a bunch of 'free' trophies.
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#48CloudDSPosted 6/22/2012 7:31:15 PMmessage detail
i have an issue, whenever i enter the activation code on my OSX steam app it says the item is already been redeemed, i bought this game brand new.
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CloudDS posted...
i have an issue, whenever i enter the activation code on my OSX steam app it says the item is already been redeemed, i bought this game brand new.

I'd try emailing Steam about it, they might be able to help you out.
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#50CloudDSPosted 7/2/2012 12:34:53 PMmessage detail
WOW, i sent them a message, after confirming that i purchased the game, they added portal 2 to my steam account.
those guys are awesome!!