Does it get fun again? (Single player spoilers)

#1Cartwheel_KickPosted 4/27/2012 7:22:06 PM
I'm after the Glados potato part, been there for 30-60 minutes and it's kinda boring. I don't really enjoy the bouncing gel, but that wouldn't be so bad if the only script left weren't some very unfunny man who was in charge and left pre-recorded messages.
#2omescythePosted 4/29/2012 3:27:59 PM
your almost out and back to where wheatly is.
#3todd_360Posted 5/2/2012 1:22:21 AM
Once you hear Cave Johnson's frankly epic tirade about lemons you'll know you're nearly done. It is quite a big area and compared to Glados or Wheatley, Cave's messages aren't as consistently clever. There aren't a few gems there though. Don't think I can say I was bored at that area however. Bored + Portal = Error 404
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