can ps3 users at least play the created levels?

#1gungrave515Posted 5/1/2012 9:33:35 PM
im thinking of suggesting this to a friend, but im trying to find out if you can play the levels pc and mac users create?
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#2todd_360Posted 5/2/2012 2:26:02 AM
We won't know till the DLC has actually been released whether consoles will get it at all. However if we aren't getting it its very unlikely that we'll be able to play the created levels which kinda blows. Hopefully its only timed exclusivity because they need to do extra programming for consoles or something. It uses the steam workshop which the console versions of Portal don't have access to so they'll either make a workaround or just not bother if they don't see it as worth the time.
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#3jwgrlrrajnPosted 5/2/2012 1:38:17 PM
I hope they make the user created levels work on PS3/Xbox360. I don't have enough space on my computer for Portal 2, and Portal 1 barely runs well enough as it is on my PC.
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#4Kastro187420Posted 5/3/2012 6:16:47 PM
Realistically, there's no reason they wouldn't work on our system. LBP has a system just like this, where users can create and upload levels, and then others can download them and play them. The leaked footage of how the DLC will work suggests a new "Community Maps" option on the main menu will be added aswell.

Personally, I think it would be stupid of them NOT to include it on consoles. Even if we aren't allowed the simplified creator, denying the ability to play them would be a bad move.
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#5fanojla1Posted 5/9/2012 7:38:47 AM
Created levels on the list allow people to upload Hammer-designed levels as well. That's basically dumping tons of extra data into your PS3, which it probably wasn't designed for.
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#6Kastro187420Posted 5/9/2012 10:54:54 PM
I'm sure they could come up with a system that filters Hammer-Designed maps against PTI designed maps. Shouldn't be too hard to tag them accordingly.
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#7Crossfire298Posted 5/10/2012 6:42:36 PM(edited)
If they bring steam workshop to the PS3's version of steam then we'll be able to play and maybe create community maps, Valve hasn't announced anything of the sort though. Unfortunately some features like this can't work on both PC and consoles as easily as developers would like.
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