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Soooo.... I played the DEMO.... (Archived)
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I think they removed the cheats for TMB. (Archived)
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Game is awesome (Archived)BreathFire42032/16/2012
Gamer review 4.0, go play seasame street kinector something more your speed! (Archived)Mech_Battalion32/16/2012
Found out why I didn't get my code for Axel (Archived)Ice Weasel62/16/2012
why do people think jaffe's a greedy selfish jerk? (Archived)NightMareBunny62/16/2012
Am I the only one who actually enjoyed the races? (Archived)
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The racing portions of story mode are horrible. (Archived)
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Jesus at the final boss, awesome boss design. (Archived)ShadowHearse102/16/2012
NOS energy drink skins (Archived)jstone8022/16/2012
I didnt know they held Shoot My Truck in Vegas!!! (Archived)hdobbs72/16/2012
WTF happened to Preacher? (Archived)MindGamingManti92/16/2012
The soundtrack's surprisingly very good. (Archived)mario901102/16/2012
psn id list (Archived)
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Anybody still prefer this game over Twisted Metal (Archived)Saxon32/16/2012
Brothers Grimm Tips? (Archived)Upinit22/16/2012
Most common car seen online (Archived)JStewVGM92/16/2012
How Do I use the Super Mine? (Archived)TooHigh2Die52/16/2012
I have all twisted metal music on one playlist for my custom music (Archived)CNN52/16/2012
Ok so im enjoying the game but at the same time im really pist off (Archived)BEB2292/16/2012