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5 years ago#111
Octority022 posted...
.480: Merry Christmas! :D

Lols whats with everyone, posting Merry Christmas when its just Christmas Eve? I'll post that tmr....
5 years ago#112
481.) Ancient Equipment is also known as Drum Equipment.
482.) Heaven Weapons greatly increase critical rate.
483.) Buzzcrave's Agile Attack doubles attack movement speed.
484.) Myamsar has the fastest movement attack speed,enough to beat a fly on a horse in a race.
485.) Piekron's Concentrate goes as high as a multiplier of 3.5.
486.) Rabasarana mask greatly increases Critical rate.
487.) Mogyugyu has the highest maximum attack power in Patapon 2.
488.) Wondabata has the highest minimum attack power in Patapon 2.
489.) Dekapon Hero hasn't really changed much from Patapon 2 to Patapon 3,with the exception of a shield addition.
490.) Tondenga,Myamsar,and Yarida are the only Uberheroes with 6 equippable set skills.
491.) Desperado and Peerless Bow are set skills that decrease defense as well as increasing attack.
492.) Peerless Deer reduces melee damage,but increases elemental damage.
493.) Crono Riggers make the wearer immune to critical attacks.
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5 years ago#113
494. Merry Christmas everyone!

I haven't opened my presents yet... :(
5 years ago#114
495.) Patapon 3 has Christmas-theme decorations.
496.) Never,ever,ever use(Super)Yamagami's Sutra to revive Chin if your Uberhero isn't Shield Class. Hatapon will instantly die.
497.) (Super)Yarigami's Sutra is the only Djinn that is a Patapon.
498.) Yarigami's Sutra is the only Sutra that Darkheroes in the story mode use.
499.) Covet-Hiss gets knocked out when Sonarchy rams into him for 777 damage.
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5 years ago#115
500. We're halfway through!
501.Giant weapons have high attack, but low speed. Tikulee/lv 10 chiku in p2/lv 10 cat p2 recommended.
502. Actually, HEAVEN weapons are also known as drum equipment.
503. According to one of my long archived thread in the Patapon 2 thread, Optimizing (in P2) goes like this: (without sleepy equips)
Divine>Magic>Heaven>Giant>Ancient>Great Lightning>Great Ice>Great Fire>Lightning>Ice>Fire>Steel>Iron>Wooden
504. Yamagami SUCKS.
505. So does Darkfire.
506. All they both do is give anger to people with Bunny Hood.
507. However, Yamagami also gives anger to people without Ice Helm.
508. Slogturtle and Covet-hiss will take AT LEAST 100 vs matches to get one class skill.
509. Crit immunity is the key to ToT (sort of) and DoJ (very vital)
510. Piekron + Wondabarappa +Charibassa + good Tondenga = win. Tondenga set skills =? They all have Team Aid 1 and 2, Peerless dog, Piekron has rain dance (unique), and someone has big fish in pond.
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5 years ago#116
511.) Stagger was referred to as "CNC" in Patapon 1.
512.) Patapon 2 introduced the Freeze status.
513.) Patapon 3 introduced the Poison status.
514.) Patapon 2 has Great Fire,Great Freeze,and Great Thunder weapons.
515.) Tatepons in Patapon 1 and Patapon 2 were able to use Axes.(Not those big axes in Patapon 3,but smaller axes)
516.) Megapons fire sound notes that look like Japanese letters in Patapon 1 and Patapon 2.
517.) The Megapon's sound projectiles changed from letters to soundwaves.
518.) Dekapons didn't have Shoulder armor in Patapon 1.
519.) Megapons didn't have Cape armor in Patapon 1.
520.) Megapons as a non-rarepon have 1-1 strength in Patapon 1 and Patapon 2.
521.) Covet-Hiss takes 99999 scripted damage when your Uberhero kicks him after revealing Naughtyfins' true identity as the Patapon princess.
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5 years ago#117
522. grenburr is a bull.
523. charibasa is a bird.
524. cannogabang is a demon.
525. jamsch is a mushroom.
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5 years ago#118
526.) Patapon 1's US release date is February 26,2008.
527.) Patapon 2's US release date is May 5,2009.
528.) Patapon 3's US release date is April 12,2011.
529.) Wagyanba has 300% ignite ratio addition,a high damage boost,and they take half damage from everything except ice and lightning.
530.) Moriusso has an hp boost of 500,and a stagger boost of 200%.
531.) Patapons dropped caps that can be picked up when they were killed in Patapon 1.
532.) If you don't pick up the dead Patapon's cap,it won't be restored by Mater the Tree of Life after the mission.
533.) Divine equipment is created with Mithril and all perfect commands in the Anvil minigame in Patapon 1 and 2.
534.) Mater the Tree of Life creates new Patapons when a cap is buried by her roots.
535.) The Hero Patapon was trapped by a boulder when you first met him in Nanjaro Hill. Your trio of Yaripons and the hostile Dodonga attack the boulder until the Hero Patapon eventually carries the boulder and hurls it towards Dodonga,making the dinosaur retreat.
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5 years ago#119
536. Most pons have 4 set skills.
I want to die peacefully in my sleep,like Grandpa-not screaming, like the passengers in his car.
5 years ago#120
537~1000. You will never get the drop you want.

Yay we finished the board! 8D
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