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5 years ago#51
116. Gigantigus is near impossible to kill.

117. The patapons songs are totally lol.

118. Golems are dumb cause i can''t avoid the hand-waving.

119. Im stuck at the castle of justice

120. I have positively no idea why i am typing this now.

121. My hero in patapon 2 can own all the bosses using the toripon thingy

122. I wonder why they don't have toripons in patapon 3

123. Bowmunk+Jamsch=Fire. Lots of Fire.

124. I forsaked patapon 2 after i played patapon 3.

125. I think this is pointless.
5 years ago#52
126. Gigantus is only level 12
127. Gigantus can be poisoned, staggered, frozen, knockbacked, burned, critted, or even put to sleep.
128. If you aint likin the game, just quit it.
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5 years ago#53
129.) All bosses can eventually be killed in just 1 hit.
130.) Oohoroc's Armageddon is only really useful with a Lightning Staff for the higher stagger rate,which staggers most enemies in a few meteors.
131.) Oohoroc can double cast Dancing Sword and Flash Crack Boom(without Ultimate Equipment).
132.) Cannons get Flame Master,Howitzers get Strike Master,and Lasers don't get a Mastery Set Skill.
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5 years ago#54
133. Sword / Axe users get Slash Master
134. Lance/Archers/Spear/Pike users get Stab Master
135. Myamsar gets both.
PSN: iAmMolivious
5 years ago#55
136.) Bowmunk's Freaky Tree still heals even if he has a status effect.
137.) Bowmunk's Potato Rock is the best way to keep away Death and Salamander.
138.) Bowmunk's Freaky Tree isn't destroyable like Pingrek's Ice Chateau.
139.) Guardira nulifies Pyokorider Illusions with Megashield.
140.) Grenburr has the highest base hp out of every shield class un-equipped.
PSN: ridgeracer55
5 years ago#56
141. Bowmunk's potato receives additional damage from fire
142. pingrek's ice wall shatters almost instantly when in contact with fire.
143. my guardira is still lvl 10
PSN: iAmMolivious
5 years ago#57
144. Worm wheel sucks.
145.this also accepts p1 and p2 facts
146.that is one juicy looking manboth!
147. patapons love to eat manboths.
148. Gigantus is not near impossible to kill.
149. However, Gigante KING is near impossible to kill.
150. Once I tried to kill manboth, but I failed, due to the fact I couldn't even break the ice.
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5 years ago#58
151.) Lightning Staff [Sl] +40 Oohoroc with Rain Dance,Lightning Master,and Stagger + trolls Kacchindonga. He won't even get a chance to attack with hundreds of meteors raining his way.
152.) Manboth and Manboroth's Flash Freeze attack still freezes you even if you do a party command.
153.) Energy Field 5 is the Class Skill that is inherited by the most classes.
154.) Queen Kharma stops raining meteors your way when you defend.
PSN: ridgeracer55
5 years ago#59

155. There was once a mining minigame, but it was removed before release

156. Gong the Hawkeye and possibly Makoton are the only enemies to have appeared in all 3 Patapon games

5 years ago#60
157. gigante king is definitely possible to kill, especially solo (thanks LordDF, for that video long ago. big inspiration for my kiba XD)

158. bosses could no longer level themselves up in patapon 3

159. patapons took the levelling ability from the bosses instead :P
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