1000 facts about patapon

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160. Gigante king is lvl 30
161. Gigante king/Gigantus have 3 phases:
~ Pre-Attack phase:
where he is just standing there until you deal a certain amount of damage. His defense is extremely high in this phase.
~ Attack Phase:
He starts walking and attacking with 2~3x lower defenses than the first phase. which are still pretty high
~ Berserk Phase:
He's extremely weak and fragile in this phase, lowering his defenses to almost 4x the normal (even resistances). He has no cooldown between attacks tho
162. you can no longer switch among rarepons in patapon 3
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163.) Ushishi Rock is quite an awesome theme when you reach Gaeen.
164.) If you are strong enough,you can actually kill Ravenous' Dark Dragon off-screen before it becomes "invincible" for a while. You would have to destroy the fort and the dragon in the same attack though(Charibasa's Shwoop-Fling is a good example as it pierces through the fort and kills the dragon). This skips the conversation with Ravenous and you can walk to the end of the level.
165.) Guardira with an Aegis Greatshield and a Marumenko Helm takes very low damage from Light element attacks.
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166. I have no idea what good is Charibasa, he does little damage, and only the piercing thing.

167.The patapon that uses the axe(i forgot its name although im using it)has better dmg than Charibasa.

168. Thwack-mash is awesome.

169.I still have no idea why im posting this things.

170. I passed the Castle of Justice :D but now im stuck at the arena after the jungle -_-

171.I can't kill the Thunder Lion :(

172. I think it will take forever to become 1000 facts.

173. I play Patapon 2 and 3.

174. Patapon 3 is the best patapon game ever, its even better than Pokemon White.

175.I think Grenburr is cool.

176. Patapons eat mammoth tusks and cannons in patapon 2.

177. Theres a hidden song at the training place, the one that ur supposed to see how far u can go. The song lets you pause, but back in the game it is defending. Its: Pata Pon Pata Pon.

178. In patapon 2, the tips said the enemy birds sh*t on patapons, and i have no idea what will happen if they do sh*t on the patapons.

179. In patapon 1, when Majidonga eats ur patapons, you cant get them back.

180.The above is true, check out one of the faqs in patapon 1

181. I ran out of ideas...

182. OMG when i spell checked this, i found out "Pon" is a word o.o
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183.) The Ziggerzank is in all three Patapon games.
184.) Spiderton and the Ziggerzank fought the Patapons when they were across enemy territory.
185.) The Ziggerzank helped the Patapons defeat the Karmens at Sokski Gate.
186.) The Ziggerzank(with upgrades)appears again to help defeat the Dark Heroes in the Savannah of Envious Eyes.
187.) The catapult was overpowered in Patapon 1 and 2,destroying most enemies unfortunate enough to be in the rock's direction. But in Patapon 3,its damage isn't that high anymore.
188.) Destrobo and Megapon Uberheroes were nerfed from Patapon 2 to Patapon 3.
189.) The despair missions in Patapon 1 and Patapon 2 are possible to beat for the first time without the catapult if you have a strong enough army.
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190. Everytime you complete a dungeon(i.e. Tower of Purity) you usually get a jeweled chest after defeating the boss.

191. In patapon 2 the song X XX XX was for Jujus but in patapon 3 that song is used for summoning the djinns

192. Im still stuck at the arena.

193. Keruru Beruru(the bell in patapon 2) can magically make Ka-ching appear when she dances.

194.The last fact makes me want to kidnap her and put her on a dancing machine so that i would have loads of ka-ching(lol, though i think shes too fat for me to carry her).

195. Meden in patapon 2 is the only patapon(besides the hero guy)with colour.

196. They say shes a "priestess", though I have no idea how she is one.

197.In patapon 2 when you clear a map there will be dancing and stuff at the centre, but when you lose there will be no one there.

198. In patapon 2 when you pass over Meden she says something that sounds like "papaya"

199. In patapon 2 every patapon name ends with "pon"

200. We have finished 1/5 of this list of 1000 facts about patapon.
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Molivious posted...
jaijasty2 posted...
Molivious posted...
12. Toripon is awesome
13. the game is a troll

Yet again this is an opinion. Learn ss and Math!

even googled a science reference for you: http://puu.sh/94v5

im stating reality, 100% truth, and what is generally - no, universally accepted. there would be no argument upon my statement. hence, it is a fact.
who didnt think toripons were awesome?
who wouldnt agree that the game is a troll?

lol but im not surprised if you didnt get anything i just said. i mean, it requires more than 1% brain usage.

try going through this site if you need some more fact/opinion lessons:

I agree with Molivious, about the toripons are awesome part.
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201. Patapedia, the wiki about Patapon, is the greatest source of patapon information

202. The first 4 letters for the units (except megapon and robopon) have a japanese meaning

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203 ~ 1000. Grinding hours til you quit.

yes! we finally got the thread done!
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203: It's hard to believe that naughty fins was the princess.
204: minis would have been Extra cool if they were DLC
205:Tondenga is most recent seen UH online.
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Bumpalion axe. Get it? Get it?

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