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6 years ago#1
is it just me or is this kinda copying invizimals

card for scanner

interaction with object?

next thing you know the eyepet will be battling a tigershark or a uberjackle or a firecracker!
6 years ago#2
EyePet is the girl version. Both are made by the same company if I'm correct.
6 years ago#3
it would explain alot

PS3 eyepet- family

PS2 Eye toy- brother and sister

PS2 Spytoy- game for you mates

PS2 (cheerleading) eyetoy- game for your girlfriends

PSP invizimals -guy

PSP eyepet- girl

i hate putting the "male" and "female" on certin words

I have two sisters and they are a pain
especialy when thier 18 and 15
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