Nice demo!...

#1Rasputin77Posted 6/22/2011 8:19:19 AM
And by 'nice', I mean 'tedious and face-achingly bland'. =/
In fighting games, you use moves over and over again. Apparently, "spam" is using moves over and over again.
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#2SayoriaPosted 6/23/2011 3:17:43 AM
Yeah, I just tried the demo myself last night.... sort of feels like a wannabe 3 dimensional Rampage. Destroy buildings.... eat people.... punch, kick, objects in the buildings and such.

I sort of want an online Rampage for PSN now. >.>.... bbbuuuuuuuutttttt I think Midway went under?..... If so, I hope someone grabs it and does something GOOD with it.
#3monsterlordPosted 6/23/2011 11:08:17 AM
A 3d Rampage is bad... why?

Granted, it's not the most complex of games, but what did you expect? It can be very relaxing to load the game up and vent some frustration by smashing a city up with your favourite monster.

The only thing the game's lacking is proper multiplayer options, but aside from that it's well worth the price.
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#4SayoriaPosted 6/23/2011 3:01:56 PM
I never said a 3D rampage is bad, I just think it wasn't properly executed.