sign if you've lost someone in the final area

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3 years ago#1

kinda annoying, would have been nice to finish the game together after he lead me to the final mural after being repeatedly attacked on the slope.
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3 years ago#2

I sign twice.

3 years ago#3

but i always wait when i make it to the top. even if it is for another/new companion. noone should go into the light alone. :)
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3 years ago#4
I had it yesterday. They ran ahead of me. Thinking I passed them I waited at the top where you lose your scarf and stood waiting for a few minutes before finally turning around to see them walking into the light.
3 years ago#5
Makes me so sad.
3 years ago#6
Last time I played today before I put it away for a full week to get my last trophy, I met another White-scarfer who was sitting right at the beginning of the second level. I knew his pain as I've had trouble getting anyone else to sit down for 20+ seconds. He was obviously very happy when I mediated with him for his trophy.

We flew through the level, crossed the non-completed bridge, didn't care about much else, we just had fun.

We flew right through all the other levels, not trying to complete anything.

In the very last level I flew completely wrong and lost sight of him. I fell some distance, got disorientated a lot and frustrated a bit which delayed me a great deal. Oh well, it was fun to be with him for almost the whole way.

Come to the very very last platform right before the end, there he is, sitting waiting for me. He didn't have to, it wouldn't have changed anything, but he waited for me.

We bowed, we meditated for another half minute and then we walked side by side into the light.

We never exchanged a single word but we truly appreciated our journey together.

Come the ending credits, I couldn't wait to see him PSN id so I could send him a message but my power went out.

Two hours later I logged back in and got a friend request. :)

It's going to be hard not touching the game for a full week.
3 years ago#7
It happened to me too. I got lost and I searched up and down for them. But what actually made me happy, and even made me shed tears is that they turned out to be waiting for me at the end, so that we could finish the Journey together.
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3 years ago#8

Every time (well, I've only played through it twice so far. Skyrim has a firm grip on my free time, even after 120 hours). It gets so much sadder when you have a good buddy for the entire journey too.
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3 years ago#9
I lost my partner at the end but I waited for a minute or two and he/she came walking up beside me as we slowly walked into the light. It was awesome. A truly great experience.
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3 years ago#10

I played through the whole game with the same partner and then lost them at the very end in snow/cloud/waterfall/bliss area.


I was sad.

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