Anyone wanna Journey with me?

#1ZHolyMadmanPosted 6/2/2014 4:23:36 PM
Just started playing this game (and I love it!), but my erratic schedule doesn't allow me to play indefinitely waiting to meet 10 people... I haven't even met one yet. So, I need people to boost with. I hate to be that guy. but I also don't want to be trying for a year to get 100%.

If anyone feels my pain, my PSN is ZHolyMadman. Please put "Journey" or something in the FR so I know what it's for. Many thanks in advance!
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#2lod7Posted 6/2/2014 7:40:19 PM
I have never had trouble getting another traveller. Just play around in the second level, the bridge.

Also most ppl stay with me whenever I play. Could have probably gotten the companion trophy 3 times now.

If you are looking for 10 unique travellers just cntnue playing. I must have met 8 by now on another account I own.
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#3ZHolyMadman(Topic Creator)Posted 6/2/2014 11:22:55 PM
Fortunately, I had the day off so I literally played all day and came across a few random people during that time. One person I played with for more than half the game and I got the "Crossing" trophy but not "Companion". Sucks. I'd love to know what the trophy description means when it says, "the majority of the journey".

Anyway, I thought I was in trouble since this game is a couple years old, but maybe 100% won't take as long as I thought. ...I hope.
A shark on whiskey is mighty risky, but a shark on beer is a beer engineer.
#4zavlinzPosted 6/8/2014 1:37:44 PM
Yeah i started playing the other day too and was worried the multiplayer might not be active.. but i came across 4 players in my first playthrough. It really is a magical part of the game.