Kayran Trap *small spoiler*

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4 years ago#1
Hey guys. So I looked at the similar topics, no one seems to be quite direct on this: the iron frame needed for the Kayran Trap. Is it in Loredo‘s fort somewhere? Can you only get this from the sneaking through the compound mission? This game features so very very many instances of ‘guide dang it.“ I.e. a game where, if you didn‘t already somehow know about something small and obscure like this, then you don‘t get the opportunity to try again.

Anyway, I already started the game over once because the included mini guide says that newboy would give you his amulet on thanks. That was completely incorrect, you need to tell him its cursed and he hands it over.

Any chance of me getting that component? :(
4 years ago#2
you can get the medallion in yet another way to as i got just by telling him it would protect him. he died and i took it from his corpse. also, yes, you have to get the trap piece during the sneaking mission. At least thats when i got it. Not sure if you can go back after you complete the sneak mission or not.
4 years ago#3
Ok well really just worried about the trap piece. This game is frustrating...I guess I could just go on without it then when I have to do playthrough 2 anyway, get the piece and the achievement then.
4 years ago#4
The trap piece isn't a big deal, it destroys one tenticle instantly, and that's it.
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4 years ago#5
Yeah I wouldn't ever bother with the Kayran trap in the future. A Yrden sign will hold the tentacle in place long enough for you to destroy it in one combo.
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4 years ago#6
There's an achievement for using it though, so if you're concerned with Gamerscore keep that in mind.
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4 years ago#7
I found an iron frame somewhere early in chap. 1, but it showed up in my "junk" category, so I sold it, then couldn't find the vendor I sold it to. However, all you need is your yrden sign.
4 years ago#8
The only iron frame for the trap is the the sneaking part with Roche, yes, if you fail at that you reload or just wait till next time.
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4 years ago#9
The trap frame goes into quest items and cannot be sold.
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4 years ago#10
Well, thanks for the reply fellas, I‘ll go through it again in a bit. Just to be sure, which mission is it you can get it? Is it the fight club part where you sneak about at night? If so, where precisely is the piece and this armor that someone had mentioned?
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