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4 years ago#1

I hated The Witcher 1. I didn't like the combat and I thought the dialogue wasn't done well; it felt broken. Question is, would one who hated the first game like the second?

4 years ago#2

The Witcher 2 is much improved sequel - there's totally new combat system




Even better art design, beautiful graphics and believable living world.


There is better translation and English voice-acting. Much better side-quests, less fed-ex missions. More choices and completely different two middle acts (if you'll play only once, you'll miss 30% of the game). Great story, epic cutscenes.


I think you will like it. ;)

4 years ago#3
outside of tone and reoccurring characters and some slight gameplay mechanics they are completely different. So yes if you disliked 1 youll probably like 2.
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4 years ago#4

Sounds good to know and yes, the combat does look improved. It was meant to be inspired by Demon's Souls combat and I loved Dark Souls which had a similar combat system to Demon's Souls.


Although that article doesn't say Witcher 2's combat is based off of Demon's Souls combat, it does look like it had a similar feel. Does it play similar? Can anyone confirm that?

4 years ago#5
it has a similar premise to dark/demons souls' combat in that you have to be aware of your surroundings and not get overwhelmed. You need to have good enough reflexes to dodge and block while also using all the tools at your disposal. Enemies hit hard and iirc they dont wait to take turns like most games so you can die very very fast if you get overwhelmed. You can think of it as demons souls' more arcady brother in terms of there combat.
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4 years ago#6


If you would like to click on links I posted before, you will see for yourself... 

4 years ago#7

I did look at the videos but looking like something and playing like it are two different things. It looked similar to the Souls series in that you have emphasis on chaining light and heavy attacks together along with blocking plus there's the fact that rushing in gets you killed. Dark_Spiret has confirmed what I wanted to hear anyway. Thanks for the help you two. It's on my radar now.

3 years ago#8
that is unfortunate for you.

there were system requirements clearly printed on the side of the box...
3 years ago#9

green_abobo posted...
that is unfortunate for you. there were system requirements clearly printed on the side of the box...

Which meant nothing since the game worked.

Dialogue not making sense or flowing as it should isn't my computer's fault. When I find something that someone wants and then have to initiate conversation with them several times and go through some inane greeting, yeah, it's the game's fault. This conversation and plot doesn't even make sense:


3 years ago#10

I mean dialogue in the first game was laughable simply due to the voice acting as this scene shows:


So I'm glad to hear that the sequel has been greatly improved in this area.

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