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3 years ago#1
Has anyone encountered this problem? I died and reloaded my last save, only its stuck at the loading screen. Quit the game, tried to load (on multiple saves) and it's stuck at the load screen. Music still playing, icon still spinning... has anyone encountered this? I just started chapter 3 and I'd be crushed if there was no solution... ugh
3 years ago#2
Nevermind, got an older one to load finally, thankfully its only a handful of minutes older, but the autosaves all seemed to be corrupted. So... save often I guess!
3 years ago#3
I just had this problem. At the beginning of Chapter 3 on a Dark playthrough.

All autosaves froze on loading and most recent manual save (other than the one which doesn't work) is from before the kayran. So much time lost :(

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