How to make Dark as easy as possible for a noob?

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3 years ago#1

Hey guys, just wondering if you guys had any tips that would make Dark as easy as possible?

-What upgrade path should I focus on?

-What items should I always have at the ready?

-What is the most useful magic spell?

-Any overpowered techniques/weapons/spells?

-Any other crucial tips that will make the Dark run easier?

3 years ago#2

-Quen sign makes you absord any 1 hit.

-Feetwork makes you roll farther, makes it easier to dodge.

-Riposte, let's you live from a backstab blow.

-Dagger Throwing. It's very powerfull early game, take the +20 dmg skill.

-Bombs, bombs and more bombs. They will help you immmensily in act 1.

-Potions, always have a rook, swallow and that resist potion.

-Make the Dark armors. You don't really need all the sets, it costs too much and takes too much time. In fact, i got the Hunter armor from the Troll in act 1, then got the Dark armor in act 2 and got the whole set in act 3.

*As for builds go with what you want. But regardless you'd want some skills in the sword tree so start there. If you are going mage build, maybe going for Quen is a good idea too.

**You only need to suffer through act 1, act 2 is very easy and act 3 is ok/easy.

3 years ago#3


Anyone else have any input?

3 years ago#4
Only hard part will be in chapter 1.

Personally I like sword+alchemy path due to a lot of damage increase and damage resistance passives.
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3 years ago#6

Between Swordsmanship and Magic, which path should I focus more on and what are the two most essential magic signs?

3 years ago#7
I prefer swordsmanship but went down the magic path far enough to just get the upgraded Quen which I feel is a MUST HAVE for dark mode.
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3 years ago#8
The best Swordsmanship abilities make Dark very easy as long as you have an idea of the right way to approach combat. I'm on my first Dark playthrough after playing on Normal and Hard and the only difference is that enemies hit harder. In fact, in my next playthough I'm going to focus on Magic just so I don't get the damage increases + damage resistance abilities from the Swordsmanship tree, hopefully making it slightly more challenging.
3 years ago#9
Act 1 is the hardest.

Regardless of what build you go, I'd put 2 points into the Alchemy skill to get Bomb Damage +100%.
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3 years ago#10

Thanks guys!

One more thing though, I want to beat the game quickly but easily. Should I really go out of my way to do any of the sidequests or can I mostly go through just main quests? (doing Roche path)

Also, how important is looting everything I see and also, how important are Orens on Dark?

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