Ugh, screw the Kedweni general.

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  3. Ugh, screw the Kedweni general.
3 years ago#1
Most boring, drawn out, unfair boss fight I've ever had to suffer through. Stupid thing always knows where I am, attacks me while I'm down and can't defend, hits my with his sword while I'm in the middle of dodging which NO OTHER Enemy ever did and rolling around to avoid it while I slowly regain health so I can survive it's inevitable f*** me sword strike when I try to chip away it's health is just so BORING.
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3 years ago#2
Silver daggers and quen are your friends.
3 years ago#3
Trap him with yrden and go for backstabs
3 years ago#4
Here's the easiest way...

Set a Ydren Trap, make him walk on it, then walk up and use heavy attack 3-4 times. When the arrows come roll, when the fireballs attack watch the ground and avoid the red shadows, run but don't roll.

If you have Quen use it.

Use the Silver Sword and use one of the damage upgrade potions. Adding a rune or two on the sword can help as well as enchanting your armor.

Keep with it and be patient he is easy to avoid.
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  2. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  3. Ugh, screw the Kedweni general.

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