At the end of Act 1 now I think *spoilers*

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3 years ago#1
So far, I have been playing this game as close to "good and moral" as I can. I like how there really is no morality system, and often decisions come down to a lesser evil choice.

However, I am stumped with the whole Roche vs. Iorveth thing. I decided to not to give Iorveth his sword, but a friend of mine who is also playing the game did give him back the sword, and apparently Flotsam was torched.

I get it that Iorveth is oppressed and his kind are a dying race and its certain kings' fault and whatnot, but that doesn't justify killing innocents now. He never really gives you any reason to like/trust him, and to top it all off, he is the one who has been helping the kingslayer up till this point.

Roche may not be the best guy ever, but he is, at the core, on the same mission as the witcher: find the kingslayer and bring him to justice. He also let you escape from prison, which is a plus.

Just not sure whats going on in the game right now, I'm loving it, but if anyone can shed any more light on this (without spoilers) I'd appreciate it.
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3 years ago#2
Are you asking which is the lesser evil, Iorveth or Roche? Depends on your view...

I think Roche, even though one could argue he's a racist and a murderer. The same can be said of Iorveth though. I think the only reason one would go with Iorveth (other than to see the side of the story) is because the Kingslayer was seen in Iorveth's company so he probably has a better idea of where and how to find him.

I went with Roche on the first playthrough, Iorveth on the second.
3 years ago#3
Basically Iorvath is fighting for freedom and Roche is a special forces soldier for the military. Iorvath only seems to want freedom for the elves though as far as I can see. BTW, Flotsam gets set on fire by humans. There is a riot in which they are attempting to kill all the non humans.
3 years ago#4
Iorveth isn't the one who attacked Flotsam it was just humans rioting because they're a*******

It's a difficult choice for me because I would rather do Iorveth's path but it doesn't make much sense story wise to do that compared to going with Roche.
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3 years ago#5
People say how Iorveth's path is heaps better than Roche's but other than the Dragonslayer story I'm not really seeing it.

I'd go Roche path on first playthrough if I were you TC. Seems like the better choice.
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  3. At the end of Act 1 now I think *spoilers*

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