Miner mannequins

#1crimsonslothPosted 3/14/2012 6:52:01 AM
I know jump scares aren't a huuge part of what makes silent hill scary but I don't think we've really had any good jump scares since 3 (i've beat all but the room). I've been playing in 3d and when i hit this part it was the first time I thought this was truly a silent hill game.
#2sennadPosted 3/14/2012 6:53:03 AM
I think what makes that scene really get to you is that your controller is disabled for that part until a little later in the scene.

I know for a fact that when the lights started flashing and they got closer I was mashing the crap out of every button as fast as I could, lol.
#3crimsonsloth(Topic Creator)Posted 3/14/2012 7:00:54 AM
May be a different part, I'm talking about right before you get on the elevator to go down to the mine cart puzzle. It was just a small jump scare. I got caught up noticing the mannequins behind the cage and then it happens. Completely unexpected.