how can you open door in the basement?

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  3. how can you open door in the basement?
4 years ago#1
the one that looks like prison door
4 years ago#2
Hit the lock with a wrench. There should be one laying around there. Or shoot it off with the gun you get from the safe.

Or wait, did you mean the one with the woman crying? You need to go turn off the TV upstairs first or something like that and it unlocks.
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4 years ago#3
with the woman crying? You need to do a little something somewhere else in the house (I dont remember what exactly but its self contained) and the code for the locker is from gamestop, you can google it.
4 years ago#4
there is no women crying and I broke two wrenches already. I am stuck in limbo? a glitch?
4 years ago#5
or do the puzzles changes????
4 years ago#6
It would help if we knew exactly which basement you were talking about.
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4 years ago#7

Location: Pits Stop house, after the first encounter to the otherworld and the screaming thing so I am back to real world. I opened the safe and now got a handgun but no more keys remaining, I can go upstairs, to the lobby and to the basement which includes a broken elevator, and also a locked door.

That's the one I am talking about
4 years ago#8
AHA! Issue resolved.

solution: reloaded the game

why:it was a glitch, the door was supposed to open after breaking the lock.....on my previous I broke the lock yet the door would never open! Too bad the game still need more polished even though it was delayed.

No thanks to that glitch,,,,except it makes you guys aware that others may also be affected.

Thanks for trying to help
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  3. how can you open door in the basement?

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