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3 years ago#1
This is kinda the opposite of the scariest moments topic on this board. What were the moments in the Silent Hill games where you feel that:

a) the game failed to scare you,
b) tried too hard to do it,
c) or just really didn't make sense but the developers thought it was a good idea to put in?

Please, don't put UFO/Dog/Bonus Endings or Easter Eggs / Nods. Those were very intentional. I'm talkin' about parts that were suppose to be scary but didn't exactly do it.

Here's mine (Spoilers of course):

SH0 - Carrying Alessa's burnt body out of the flaming house, and the whole Theatre level, specifically the 'nosebleed' recording was kinda stupid to me.

SH1 - The harmless gray children in the school, made me think they were squeaky ghost penguins.

SH2 - PH doing the mannequins made me lol the first time.

SH3 - When Claudia swallowed 'God', it was like GIMME DAT OMNOM NOM NOM. And of course 'god' itself looked really stupid. Also, the '3 Axes' part of the sewers.

The Room - As mentioned in that other topic, Walter looked so much like WWE Superstar Edge I just kept thinking it was him. I also thought the idea of him (Walter, not Edge lol) thinking his mother was the room fell kinda flat on me. No kid is that stupid.

Homecoming - The Order minions in general were supposed to be intimidating but I thought they were spacemen.

Shattered Memories - The part in the bar where the cheerleader just disappears and turns to Dahlia. Also the part where you find out you don't live in your address anymore. I thought he got it wrong or something.

Downpour - Watching the husband 'dance around' as I jiggled the phonograph back and forth in the Turn Back Time subquest.
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3 years ago#2
In SH3 when Heather encountered Leonard Wolf, and she calmly says something like "is every person here a mental case, well I guess you're not a person anyway" She says that in a cocky, ridiculous manner without showing any fear, to a disfigured monster. Up to this point in the game, Heather was convincing as a scared and confused teenage girl.
3 years ago#3
My memories not good enough to recall the other games, so I'll go with Downpour **SPOILERS**

Just after you finish talking to the train driver the first time you walk into a room with an elevator and some wood and sticks fall over and make a noise.
I rolled my eyes so hard they almost fell out.

But the biggest fail was trying to scare you in cutscenes. I'm invincible in cutscenes! Why would I be afraid? Because I have to mash X really fast? Ohhhhhh.

The worst offender for this was the train ride. I can't move or fight things off, so I'm pretty certain nothing is going to attack me and require I move and fight it off. Oh look. I was right.
3 years ago#4
Shattered Memories
3 years ago#5
I wouldn't say scary, but searching for Alessa in the fire had some tension to it at first until you discover how short of a segment it was. Definitely should have been longer.
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3 years ago#6

The bogeyman. LOL really? A big dude in a GAS MASK. WITH A HAMMER? It's like they just mashed up those two bosses from clock tower 3, and then called it by the least intimidating name ever. It's just like, a pyramid head that sucks. And the story pretty much screams "THIS REPRESENTS THE CHARACTERS GUILT! SEE! LOOK!" the whole time. UGH. And the birdcage sidequest? Yeah, because running around looking for birds is a fun time. sure. and then each time you free a bird a little more of a cutscene unfolds, and by the last cutscene you realize that it's not even anything. Seriously most of the sidequests in this game were crap.
3 years ago#7

Downpour = Epic Fail

3 years ago#8
Seriously most of the sidequests in this game were crap.

I had a somewhat similar thought at one point. At times, I wondered why the ideas for the sidequests just weren't incorporated into the dungeons themselves. Things like the mirror puzzle or turn back time could have been done just as easily in the orphanage, probably with better flair and atmosphere (I already enjoyed them as sidequests, mind you).

In a game as short as Silent Hill, sidequests just can't be as involved as I'd like them to be, but I still enjoyed them.

Also, the bogeyman, while rich in symbolism, was almost comically designed. He was boring and not intimidating in the slightest. However, all of the enemy designs in this game were a far cry from the twisted, filthy creatures we normally see in a Silent Hill game.
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3 years ago#9
I always thought Walter looked a little like Kurt Cobain. It made it hard to take him seriously.
3 years ago#10

From: SkullCrusher04 | #007
Downpour = Epic Fail

Why are you on the board then if you don't like the game?
Oh wait, nm you're a troll. Normal people don't hang around places and talk about things they don't like.
Wouldn't be surprised if you are hellbringher, guess he got banned since I haven't seen him trolling in a while.
And you are a brand new account.

Good bye. I hope you learn that positive attention is much better then negative attention pretty soon.
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