Stuck at St Marias

#1XGreenSXPosted 3/14/2012 11:27:24 AM
Ok so I have the first poem piece already and I am stuck on the east side of building. I have explored all posible areas and do not not know what to do. Also how or when do I unlock the chalk board with a cain and padlock drawn in chalk on it. Right above it is the clue "Truth is Like The Sun"
#2XGreenSX(Topic Creator)Posted 3/14/2012 11:29:36 AM
Damn IT it figures as soon as I post this I found what to do. LOL. It was so obvious.
#3triadsenior2005Posted 3/17/2012 1:44:11 PM
im confused at the same exact point. ive also explored everywhere. what did u do??? lol
#4Sombrero_ShadowPosted 3/17/2012 1:56:44 PM
You just have to go further in the story and do the theater puzzle first. Get a hook from the room next to the theater and pull down the ladder to start it (think you also have to find a handle somewhere outside the theater).
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#5triadsenior2005Posted 3/17/2012 2:07:32 PM
r u talking about the stage area in st marias?? if so, i have turned all the lights off, played the music, then moved the spotlight to open the curtain. thats all i have done in there. am i missing something???
#6Sombrero_ShadowPosted 3/17/2012 2:32:26 PM
I played on hard so not sure if there's a difference, but you need to turn off the lights, play the music, set the stage light, press the lever to the left (for trees), press the lever to the right (for a house), then rattle the cylinder thing in the back to simulate rain (make sure to spin it as much as it lets you), and then bang the thunder sheet.
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