Does this game have Ghosts or Ghost type enemies?

#1SixStringHeroPosted 5/5/2012 10:54:17 AM(edited)
We all know Silent Hill doesn't really do Ghosts, well with the exception of Silent Hill 4, but that was not originally intended to be a Silent Hill game, which is why it feels different from the rest of the franchise and why the enemies were more ethereal in style.
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#2Rod1984Posted 5/5/2012 11:08:14 AM
well two main enemies that u see frequently are not ghosts, the screamers and the brawlers, but there are the dolls, like in the poitch black basement, you will hear girly laughter, then some dark silhouette will start attacking you, if you shine a flashlight on it, its just a shadow and still hard to see, if you shine a black light flashlight on it, they are white, when you hit them it feels like you are hitting glass, anyway to defeat them it is not recommended to fight the shadows, but go after the mannequin in the room thats spawning these things and it will kill all shadow silhouette at once, the doll mannequin does nothing but stand there so it relies on its shadow silhouettes to defend her, thats the closest thing to ghosts I have seen in this game, oh and when you are in otherworld, theres this unknown force after you, its like a black hole that follows you through out different parts of your time in otherworld, idk if you can count that as ghostly, and so far there are times where I have seen a ghostly figure of a crippled old man in a wheel chair, he looks sick looking, I dont know if he is a future boss or what, I have only seen him wheeling on a walkway from the otherside of a canyon from me, i was watching him through binoculars, he like flashes like a ghost then disappears entirely, then another time when I am unlocking a security door, I saw him through a security camera wheeling through the door I just opened, again he was flashing, then disappeared entirely
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