Best way to make money? end game/post game

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5 years ago#1
as topic title describes. I'm wondering if there is a good way to make a lot of money fast. Main reason I am asking this, besides the trophy, is for the casino. Surely just playing the slot machines until you get a 3x time slower can't be the fastest way to get those coins.

Hoping there would be a good way to grind money so I can buy the casino coins :3

5 years ago#2
There's an enemy in the final dungeon (the only golden one that you can find at this place) that gives 10000 Gold when defeated. I don't know if there's any better method to get money.

By the way, when you have 500,000 Gold (for the trophy), you can spend everything at the casino, get the trophy (by buying all rank S items) and load your save so you keep your money.
5 years ago#3
There's a golden monster (Golden Tokotoko) that shows up in the snake ruins that's worth about 6000 gold apiece. It shows up pretty frequently, both on its own and in other monster groups. Just be sure to use the mist spell frequently so that you can get the jump on it. Monsters in the Tokotoko family tend to run away.

It may not be worth as much as the golden monster in the White Palace, but it appears more often and is easier to beat. Also, since the area is much lower in terms of monster level, you're able to take out more of them before you feel the need to go back to a healing spot.
5 years ago#4
Thanks for the replies.

One handy thing I noticed while grinding xp outside of reka is that if you use a spell like "torejaa saachi" all movements will freeze, also of monsters running away, and you will be able go catch up to them. You can recast spells like that as much as you want until you catch up. No Tottoko ever got away from me yo ;)

I haven't tested in dungeons yet with the "meikyuu no me" spell but it should probably work.
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