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4 years ago#1
Rainbow Fossils and scrolls of truth..what a pain...

i fought the golden pigs at the lake of death for an eternity and have NEVER seen such a scroll! not a single one!
should i quit stealing from them (which only always gets me the rune)?
is it possible that the scrolls are not stealable and wont drop if you steal from them?

its bad enough that the pigs themself are rare.
is there any better, actually working process i dont know?
can i get it somewhere else?
and how am i supposed to do 120 alchemy receipts when 90% of the games items are ultra rare?

iimagin affection:
whats the fastest/easiest way to do this?
what iimagin type should i use? for example if i use a knight type it will be a pain to max it since there are ultra rare items necessary to make the high lvl chocolates.

didnt check all the other food types yet but is there a type which is easy to get high lvl for and easy to make? like high lvl ice, cake, pudding etc - choco is a pain and will take forever.

thank you very much for reading and sry for any weird english
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4 years ago#2
The best place to farm for the Scroll of Truth is to kill the Golden Jams located in the Ghost Canyon (they appear most often inside the dim tunnel area from my experience). You can get the item from stealing from the monster. Stealing is a lot faster than waiting for it to drop (stealing has a higher percentage of getting the rare items generally), and the Golden Jams is the only monster in the game that has that item in its steal loot table. The other monsters only have them in their drop loot table.

As for the Rainbow Shell, it's alot easier than the Scroll of Truth. You have to kill the Golden Drowsy Dragons in the Ice Cave. There are plenty of other golden dragons in the Ice Cave, but you're looking for the one with the sleepy eyes. They appear most often near the area right before the boss area from my experience. The Rainbow Shell is in BOTH of the dragon's steal loot and drop loot table. It should go alot faster than the Scroll of Truth since you have double the chance to get it.
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4 years ago#3
And actually the 120 recipes, you won't need a lot of rare items. I remember only having to grind for the rare items for like 3 recipes before I unlocked that trophy. Make sure you get all the other "easy" ones done (the ones where items can be gotten through harvesting points and normal monster steals).

As for Imajinn max affection, all of the max level treats are equally easy to make actually. You just have to know which monsters to farm/steal from to get those ingredients. And this is actually where the official guide helps A LOT. I had to refer to the guide everytime I want to hunt down a certain ingredient (b/c the guide tells you which monster drops the item with the highest percentage / which ones you can steal the item from with the highest percentage).
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4 years ago#4
Ugh sorry for the triple post but I always think up of something after I hit the submit button -_-

but just want to add that the fastest way to raise the affection level is to feed the imajinn with the lowest level treats as you grind monsters for the high-level treats' ingredients. That way at least you won't be wasting all of your battles since you do need to fight to make them hungry again. Killing two birds with one stone.
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4 years ago#5
The island due west of Bikkini has a gathering point that gives either the berries or the king babanas needed for high level treats.

If you go to Moya, the Intelli-Wanpaku (elephant dudes) have stealable king babanas, and the sheep guys (I think) have stealable berries. Possibly one other monster in that area does as well.

It's actually pretty easy to amass a good number of both. At least, easy as compared to those #$&#"&#&# items for Quest 78.
(message deleted)
4 years ago#7
first off @yunaleska
thank you a lot for the time to post all this, also helps a bucket load :)
i dont have the official guide and cant get it in my country, is there a jp site where all that stuff is written? in the jp-ni no kuni wikis i found there is no such intel like stealing percentage etc.

i did not yet look at all the receipts on the pages, only at the food-ones and those alone are pretty though so i thought it will be insane for 120 different.

from what i saw on the food-ones - yeah you need for example the banana but you also need lots of other stuff, many for which you ALSO have to get lots of items and create new ones. like the fairy choco you can only find in rekka (sometimes) other than that you have to make it yourself - but its needed to make the princess choko etc.

again thanks a lot guys
im off to try and farm some scrolls and fossils now ^^
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4 years ago#8
Well, a couple hours of playtime today proves that Nerudora / Neldra (Drowsy Dragons) are excellent sources of Rainbow Fossils, as long as the scaly boogers actually pop up. Jamz are a different matter. No matter how many I managed to find in Ghost Valley (frequent enough that I was eventually able to recruit both a golden Jamz and a golden whatever-the-others-name-was), all I ever got from stealing was a bunch of Star Crystals. My regular Japanese source for info on this game reports similar lack of results after 4 - 5 hours spent farming the things. Scrolls of Truth are just plain difficult to get. As are Tears of the Earth, which I still need to gather in order to make Gyro's penultimate weapon. I note that the final gun for him not only requires an item from DLC, but also 5 more Scrolls of Truth.... *sob*
4 years ago#9
Haha yea, even though they're all rare items, some are a lot more difficult than others from my experience too. I think I spent like 6 hours straight farming those Golden Jams to get the 5 scrolls needed for the synth -_-
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4 years ago#10
For the record, you actually managed to steal scrolls off of them?
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