Post your age and if liked / disliked the game!

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3 years ago#61
22 - The game seemed waaaay too childish for me unfortunately :(.
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3 years ago#62
29, already preordered during the kickstart campaign. Nothing wrong with appreciating a good game, regardless of the market its graphics are aimed at, we are all young at heart.
3 years ago#63
15, I am getting it. Wish it was out before xmas!
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3 years ago#64
I'm 29 and I loved the demo. The forest dungeon was gorgeous. It's got me psyched to play this. Ultimately, I won't be able to say yay or nay till I play the final version. I could care less if some people think its too kiddie or Japanese, I love Studio Ghibli style and have been an avid JRPG'er for years.
3 years ago#65
27 years old here. The demo seemed pleasant enough. I'm not a teenager, so I don't think the game is too "kiddie" for me.
3 years ago#66
33. Enjoyed the demo once I got the hang of combat. The only thing I can say irked me a bit was the linearity of the zones (hated FF13 for this). To be honest, I am one of those players who will walk away from the quest marker in games, just to see what else is there. Combined with my slow grasping of the combat system, the timer ran out before I even hit the plot point after visiting the talking tree (forgot his name). I never even realized the world map was available to explore a bit. I'll have to reboot it and check it out.

I usually like Level 5 games, but after White Knight Chronicles, I'm gonna have to wait a bit to see how the response is. Game had some good concepts, but overall just kinda fell flat.
3 years ago#67
30. Love the game, love the art, love the vibe. Studio Ghibli does not disappoint, as expected.

Honestly, I think the older you are, the more likely you will love this game. It's generally younger kids who feel insecure about liking a game based on how "mature" it is.
3 years ago#68
20 years old, will be 21 on the 31st December xD, and i love studio ghibli, i love jrpgs, and i loved the demo, heck i even still love playing the pokemon games and i don't feel like a kid for doing so either

i pre-ordered the Wizard Edition months ago as well, cannot wait to receive it :D
3 years ago#69
my_zombie_phil posted...
22 and this is a day one purchase for me. I've got a lot of respect for Level-5 and Studio Ghibli.

What other games has level-5 and Studio Ghibil been responsible for?

I will be 26 when this comes out and I was skeptical.... but the demo helped me realize I want this game, the open world the dynamics... it is going to be a great game, can't wait!
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3 years ago#70
15 And i didn't like the Demo, The game is kinda over hyped, The Gameplay is like a mix of Agarest War 2 with Xenoblade done wrong
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