Just pre-ordered my WE!

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4 years ago#11
Got mine as well, I'm glad a lot of us did. Now EgHeadFool needs to.
4 years ago#12
Got mine too =) In Canada. Really looking forward to this.
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4 years ago#13
Oh man, that wasn't as hectic as I thought it'd be! So happy for everyone who could get one so far!
4 years ago#14
Yay for everyone that could get one! :D
4 years ago#15
Grats all!
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4 years ago#16
It's party time do.ob
4 years ago#17
Got mine as well, I did next day ship. This is the most I have ever payed for a game, hope it is worth it.
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4 years ago#18
To bad I can't get another one, but thats fine because it won't let me.

Good for everyone now this game is going to sell well and we will get that sequel and it will show that JRPG are still needed on consoles as well.

Other developers should be taking notes in Japan on this game, looking at you SE.
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4 years ago#19
just pre-ordered mine:) in canada
4 years ago#20
Anyone know how long it'll take to ship for us Canadians? I only got one option when selecting the delivery.

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