so game informer came today and gave it a 7.. DMC got a 9

#71dragoon33Posted 1/18/2013 9:14:11 AM
Review + 5 paragraphs about it being difficult + Woman = Complaining

Her name is Kimberly and she's one of the newest staff over there - They also give her all the reviews nobody else wants to do if you look at the magazine...crap DS/Vita games mostly.

Not trying to justify, I think she just injects too much personal bias into the reviews she writes; maybe some latent form of hate for challenging games from something that happened previous in her life...who the hell knows.

She shouldn't be reviewing - Read her stuff.
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Lets just all agree anything under an 8 is just hate on this game.

There is no legit reason or flaws for this game to get anything lower.
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Dragonivon posted...
Game reviews are individual impressions by individual gamers. I find magazine reviews less telling to me than say some reviewers on youtube (AngryJoe for instance) but no reviewer can tell you how YOU will like your game. Some of my favorite games are ones that got only middling reviews (Rune Factory Frontier, Soul Nomad, Yakuza series, Steambot Chronicles, Rogue Galaxy, etc) but fit my particular niche game loves pretty well.

It's pretty clear to me that no matter what reviews others may give Ni no Kuni, it's exactly the sort of game I'll play more than once. Gleefully. And really, my own review of the games I play is the only reviewer that matters to me.

Indeed. A lot of the games I like aren't liked by "professional" reviewers. I'd a billion times rather play Rogue Galaxy, Soul Nomad, Yakuza, etc. over Far Cry 3 and DmC and CoD and all the other AAA titles.

I think it's hilarious how Gamestop won't use the GI review in advertising the game.
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I read the review (that is the first step).

The things she didn't like are not things that bother me. The things she did like are things I like too.

Review was helpful. I am looking forward to buying the game next week.
#75OoSubaruoOPosted 1/18/2013 9:52:58 AM
Why are people talking about DmC on the Ni No Kuni board? Stop bringing this drivel to every single board.
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Somebody should write to GI and complain.
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#77Bishop_SasaraiPosted 1/18/2013 6:52:57 PM
zombie_basher13 posted...
Somebody should write to GI and complain.

Nah, no need to. They don't listen to complaints; instead, they mock people who complain. GI just plain sucks. It's a crappy magazine with horrible reviewers.

I'd rather look at my issues from '95 to '98, those were good issues.
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The reviewer is Kimberly Wallace. She also does review for! So jrpg is definitely a genre she is very familiar with, maybe?